Summer is nearly here and it’s got to be the best time to travel to places you’ve always dreamt of. But if you’re worried about how your travel might affect the environment, it is possible and easy to make sure that your trip is more eco-friendly so that you can travel with no worries.

1. Pack Light

When it comes to traveling by plane, every pound counts. The heavier the passengers’ luggage, the more carbon emissions the plane makes. If we all pack only necessities, the environment will surely thank us.

2. Consider Other Transportation

Public transport as opposed to flying or driving your own car is a great option for traveling in a more eco-friendly way. If you’re traveling to a location that allows a bus or train ride, utilizing this public transportation is a great way to not only cut down on emissions from private transport but also meet some local folks!


3. No Bottled Water

Even when we aren’t traveling, bottled water is a huge contributor to landfills and general pollution and environmental damage. You might not think that you cutting out bottled water will make a difference, but every bottle counts.
If you don’t love the idea of drinking unfiltered tap water, you can invest in a quality water filter like the ones from Big Berkey Water Filters. This will allow you to have clean and safe water at any time without using unsustainable bottled water.

4. Bring Water Containers

Another great way to cut down on your plastic use is by investing in a reusable plastic or metal bottle. Not only is this an easy way to reduce your personal pollution, but you’ll be able to keep water with you at all times.
It’s best to look for a BPA free bottle that’s sturdy and closes entirely. Now you have a source of water anywhere and any time, without the worry of wasting plastic or being thirsty for the sake of not using a plastic bottle.

5. Keep Your Hotel Stays Green

Staying at a hotel on vacation can make it seem like none of the normal green rules apply, or it might be difficult to stay green in a place where you don’t have all of the control. But there are numerous ways to stay green in a hotel!
Firstly, turn everything off when you leave the hotel – this includes the lights, TV, heat or air conditioning, and anything else. Keeping the curtains closed can help keep the heat or cold out while you’re away.
You can also leave the “do not disturb” sign on your doorknob while you’re out of the room so that fewer chemicals and cleaning agents are used during your stay.
Lastly, you can choose to bring with you the remainder of the shampoo, conditioner, and other provided things like this when you leave. Unused products are thrown away before the next guest arrives.


6. Shop And Eat Green

Every traveling trip needs a few souvenirs to bring back home with you, and they can be fun to look for. But a good way to shop green when on vacation is by only buying locally made products, and even better, handmade ones. This helps cut down on shipping and factory use.
Bring reusable bags for your shopping sprees so you don’t have to use plastic ones. And lastly, do not buy pictures or other things regarding endangered wildlife, such as elephants in Thailand. Your visit will still have been just as much fun, and you can say that you chose not to exploit wild animals.
You can also choose to drink locally made beers and foods for the same reason, and it’s fun to try local things from places we visit anyway.

7. Unplug at Home

This may be a given, but it’s important that before you embark on your journey, you turn everything off at home. Similar to unplugging in your hotel room – so lights, heat and air conditioning, and everything else in your home should be turned off before you leave.

8. Make it a Goal To Leave No Trace

When you finish up your trip and get ready to head back home, the only things that should be left behind you are your footsteps. This means no tampering with any wildlife you may see, and taking the green option any chance you get.
By making an effort to use any or all of these green traveling trips, you’re not only enhancing your trip but giving the environment a little break. Happy travels!