Each one of us likes to look good and smell good at all times. As I was finding some new products to try on my body and bring with me during my travels, I stumbled upon an interesting brand. I said maybe it could be a part of my travel essentials.

Smell Chic

“Minimalistic but sophisticated”, that’s how Smell Chic called my attention. I’ve learned that Smell Chic is a new product brand whose scents are based from a few of our perfume favourites.
Even though their products are mostly made for the modern and sophisticated woman, I am happy they have included a few for men and totally loved it.
Here are their products that you can bring with you during your travels, just as I do; and why I love them.

Smell Chic Hand Sanitizers

I grew fond of securing a sanitizer in my backpack whenever I go elsewhere and also at home. They are convenient, small, and compact. Most of all, they keep my hands clean, hygienic, and germ-free. The best way to use them is to wash your hands with water whenever possible, dry both hands by using a clean towel and apply the hand sanitizer. Not only that it will keep your hands clean and fresh, hand sanitizers are made to remove excess germs and bacterias that are maybe underlying on your hands.
Smell Chic hand sanitizers also come in cutesy packaging. Convenient and easy to use. Not only that, what’s different about them is their scents. The scents are not the common and ordinary apple, orange, lemon, honey, strawberry, and other fruity flavours. Smell Chic sanitizers smell like you have been using an expensive perfume and it lasts a long time. You can even spread it on your body and use it as an alternative to a perfume! I found that they are using the original expensive perfumes to add a fine, elegant fragrance in all their products. I personally love the Beach Aura hand sanitizer. Well, not only because of its name but also because I am a beach person.


Smelll Chic Scent Guide -
Smell Chic Hand Sanitizers comes in different scents including Beach Aura, Boyfriend Sense, Casual Petite, Classic Audrey, Sophisticated Grace, Royal Diana, Charming Impression, and The Filo Dapper. The Classic Audrey and Royal Diana are the crowd’s favourite as they are the easily sold out ones.

Smell Chic Body Wash

I have been using soaps since I was a boy, but when I grew up to become a man, body wash has been a part of me especially when travelling. Body wash is also the preference in most hotels. The great thing when I found Smell Chic, they also have a product for use by men, The Filo Dapper. I’d rather smell good when I travel and this body wash keeps me smelling fresh.
Their line of body wash comes in many different scents as well, similar to the hand sanitizers. Washing your body with Smell Chic body wash not only will give you a fresh feeling but also an uplifting fragrance that you and the people around you would love. It’s also gentle on skin and safe as it was made from deionized water mixed with a variety of favourite scents. For the modern women trying out Smell Chic Body Wash, I highly recommend Royal Diana. For the sweet chics, I would say the Charming Impression and Casual Petite would fit best for you. (See scent guide above)
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Smell Chic Linen Spray

Smell Chic -
This specific product was what I have tried the most. My bedroom is a complete mess, to be honest, but with their linen spray, if you’re blindfolded upon entering my room, you’d think that it’s the cleanest you’ll ever see. I know it’s funny, but Smell Chic Linen Spray could cover for the mess my bedroom had always been.
What I am using right now is the Lavender scent — a sweet, floral aroma with balsamic undertones that keep you calm and relaxed. Well, yes, because of this scent, I feel like well-rested. You can spray it almost anywhere in your room, your pillowcase, your bed sheet or blanket, your window blinds and curtains, and what’s amazing is that its smell retains for more than 30 hours! I sprayed Thursday night before I sleep and the scent stayed until Saturday before going to bed. A really amazing product! You should definitely buy this one if you love to keep your home well-scented.

I could definitely use this when I travel and during my hostel stays. I spray this on my backpack as well. I just make sure to fill a 100ml bottle whenever I go.
Smell Chich Scent Guide for Linen Sprays -
Smell Chic Linen Spray comes in different scents including Olive, Lavender, Fresh Bamboo, and Green Tea. Women’s preference mostly is Olive and Fresh Bamboo.
They also aim to incorporate inspiration. So in each bottle are printed wisdom and phrases to keep you inspired throughout the day.


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Smell Chic -
Smell Chic can be found at the following stores:
Poshmark Boutique
-U-101 STG Corporate Center, 76 Timog Ave. Q.C.
Brand Trunk
-G/F, ATC Mall, Alabang, Muntinlupa City
The Retail Lab Archaeology, Powerplant Mall
-2nd/F Rockwell Drive cor Estrella St., Makati City
The Hair Lounge Salon
-520 Shaw Blvd. cor Old Wach Wach Road, Mandaluyong City
Smell Chic contact info:
Instagram: @smellchic
Email address: [email protected]
Phone: 0917-486-4888
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