Frustrations of a 25 Year Old a.k.a The Quarter Life Crisis


You are young yet you’re an adult. You know what you want yet you don’t know how to make it happen. You know where you should be heading but doesn’t know where to go. You feel lost somehow. Like every direction available is a direction for you. Life will treat you kind and heavy at the same rate. Where it strikes that you no longer could make too many mistakes and start over again.

The quarter life, being 25, an age where you’re bound to let go and make it happen or lose yourself and get stuck for a while. The age where almost anyone doesn’t know where to go. It’ll frustrate you because it will ask you for what you want and what you should do. You won’t know where to go at this time. You won’t like life for a while. You keep on hanging on for what you only have. You’re not sure if you’re going to take risks or stay.

The Quarter Life Crisis

Frustrations -

It constantly asks you for what you really want in life. It asks you if those are attainable in the future. You are bound to break anytime. You are in the perfect contrast of positive and negative attraction. Satisfaction never goes 100% but at least halfway. You are almost always half-hearted. You wanna do this but something tells you not to do that. A time where expansion of views stretches out onto the horizon. A time where ideas jumble frequently and freely inside your head. A time where life wants to make you and break you.


But then again, life goes on. Quarter life is the best time of life. You get to enjoy things to the fullest. You have the time, the energy, the little money or the greater pack to do all you want and conquer the world. You have the perfect emotion for productivity and solidarity. You have too much to spare. You know where to actually go, you know where you’re exactly heading, you know the direction you should follow, what’s frustrating is that you don’t know how to make it happen, at least not yet.


But you must hold on. People will tell you things they think are good for you. But you know what’s best for you. You wanted freedom, but there are certain responsibilities you should consider and take into account. Will I be good with this? Will I be better at that? Will I be successful if I do this? and you don’t know the answer to these questions. These questions that constantly haunts you. Questions that puzzles your mind every single day. Never letting go until you find the right answer.

But one thing’s for sure. If you didn’t do it, you’ll regret it until you accepted it.


Quarter life, a time for risks, a time for failure, a time to get up when you fell down. You’re still 25, you have a long way to go. You still have more years to come. You must not pass from this life. This is your chance to make yourself better, to make yourself great. This is the best time to make mistakes and learn from it. The best time to conquer the world and enjoy life.

Take risks. Be exposed. Embrace the possibilities. Take all and every opportunity. Take your shot in the dark. Venture into the danger. Gamble for your life and freedom. Escape every hazard. Plunge into the wilderness. Accept the openness. Control the uncertainty. Live the life you think you deserved. Live the life of awesomeness. Live in your own accord.


And never regret a single thing in this life you get to live.

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  1. Hey Jerny!
    I like your first sentence ah. It sounds like, I’m not a girl, not yet a woman (*singing). Just kidding! Hahaha!
    Seriously, Quarter life crisis is a good thing, because it is a sign that’s making you feel that you’re supposed to be doing something else, that you are destined for something great, that you shouldn’t be complacent with your current job or situation because you are bigger and better than that!
    the question is, are you willing to take that risk to follow your heart? If yes, go with it. Sometimes you’ll neber know the answer at first, the path will be better, questions answered as you go along with the journey.

  2. Survived my quarter life crisis last year and it was one of the most difficult moments of my life. I began to question everything and felt like everything was against me. It was hard. Luckily, I had my husband to be there for me to comfort and support with my life decisions.

  3. Ha! I went through my quarter life crisis over a period of THREE YEARS. I’m 27 now and even though I still don’t know what I want out of my life, it bother me less and less. Just live it and enjoy the ride!

  4. I would say enjoy life to its full at every stage. When we are in the teens, we think about life in the twenties. And when are in the twenties we look back fondly at the memories of life in the teens! 🙂 That is life my friend, so catch time by the tail and do not let it go till you have experienced it to the full.


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