With quarantine still in full steam, couples looking to have their normal date nights at restaurants and even cinemas may be struggling to find ways to keep the excitement and romance alive. After all, it’s impossible not to get on each other’s nerves when you’re shuttered in together 24/7. 

Thankfully, you can still hold a date night in the safety and comfort of your own home. Not only will it help flatten the curve, but it will also help you cherish the intimate time you have with your partner. Plus, it gives you a head start on creating restaurant-quality meals that you’ve always dreamed of making.

If you have been meaning to improve your kitchen skills, why not do it with your significant other with the help of couples cooking apps? This way, you can still learn something new even while you’re stuck inside. Below are a few cooking apps you can check out


Couples Cooking Apps Worth Checking

NYT Cooking

At the top of this list is, of course, is no other than the New York Times Cooking app. Available for download on both Android and iOS devices, the NYT Cooking program provides a wealth of recipes designed to jazz up your date nights. Take it up a notch and master these creations with your partner. 

Some of the recipes you can whip up in just 30 minutes are the blue-cheese steak and an endive salad for two, potatoes au gratin, and even a sweet ending with chocolate lava cake. This app will certainly bring you back to memories of when you just started dating.

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

Another app that’s worthy of your time and attention is Allrecipes Dinner Spinner. If you’re working from home and have had a long day of Zoom meetings, chances are you’re looking for a quick and delicious meal that will take all of your worries and stress away. 


If this is the case, the Allrecipes Dinner Spinner app is here. To take your dates up a notch, the app has curated a special romantic date night menu that is guaranteed to make you want to stay in. 

A light and refreshing pasta with zucchini blossoms or some creamy pesto shrimp should be easy enough to make with this program’s guidance and end your night on a sweet note with panna cotta. This app may be downloaded on both Android and Apple devices.

Food Network Kitchen

The Food Network chefs are some of the most legitimate professionals you can come across, so you will surely learn a thing or two together with your loved one. The Food Network Kitchen is free for download on the App Store and Google Play with a complimentary 60-day trial

Upon signing up, you can get access to numerous episodes and recipes to master. Chef Tia and her husband, Cory, even made a number of recipes together which you may want to recreate, such as grilled lollipop lamb chops, a side of mac and cheese, and some healthy broccoli saute on the side. 



Though it’s technically not a dedicated software for couples, YouTube is certainly an app that provides users access to a wealth of cooking shows and channels. The latest craze, perhaps, for almost the whole Internet is Bon Appetit and its Test Kitchen chefs. 

Carla Lalli Music, in particular, makes a great segment you can recreate. You can even follow her side by side during the segment where you’ll try to keep up with her instructions without looking at how she executes the dish. The catch is you’ll only be guided by her verbal instructions. 

Stars such as Troye Sivan and Natalie Portman have guested on her show. If you’re up for a challenging date night and want to have have lots of competition in between, you should definitely give the Bon Appetit YouTube channel a try.

Some of the recipes you can come across are a vegan carpaccio, vegetable tempura, and even pomme souffle. 

The Bottom Line

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional, you will surely take away something delightful with these cooking apps. In no time, you and your significant other may just find staying at home more romantic and intimate with the couples cooking lessons.