Spending time with your kids promotes a healthy relationship and boosts the child’s self-worth. Now’s the perfect time to bond with kids and reinforce quality time. Since your family cannot go out and visit places, the best camping destination is in your backyard. 

Camping is a fun outdoor activity that allows children to play and learn new things. This is one of the relationship building activities that can engage your kids. Since you’re at home, you might have limited camping ideas in mind. 

Get your kids to stay away from gadgets at the moment. Spend quality time camping in your backyard and create lasting memories. Here are some camping ideas for children and families. We’ve compiled fun ways to enjoy your backyard getaway without expensive materials. 


Organize a Treasure Hunt 

Before setting up the tent and organizing food items in the backyard, you can think of fun games that will lead kids outdoors. A treasure hunt with clues all over the yard is one exciting activity for children. To make things a little challenging, you can incorporate educational clues all over. 

If you have a small yard, you can always get creative and make props. Think the activity through and decide how kids can find the treasure in a limited space. The treasure could be anything like food, new toys, or a token that they can use for the whole camping experience. 

Play a Backyard Bingo

Spend the afternoon playing themed bingo outdoors. If you are a big family, this will be the chance to bond with one another by playing human bingo or any other themed bingo. The winner also gets a prize or token, which is an ultimate motivator for kids. 


Make sure to create a theme that is suited for younger kids. Do not leave behind kids and make sure everyone can join the game. One fun twist is letting children find objects on their cards. This will make them adjust to playing outdoors and develop new skills. 

Cook Outside

Another fun at home camping ideas to try is cooking outdoors. Teach kids how to make fire and let them do some simple errands like washing the ingredients or mixing the sauce. Cooking outside makes the camping experience more authentic and fun for the family. 

Plan the meals according to family favorites and snacks such as hot dogs or S’mores. Prepare easy campfire recipes that your whole family can enjoy. The trick here is letting your children take over some tasks so they can be fulfilled after cooking. 

Play Sports

Burn off energy with physical playtime in the form of sports. It could be Frisbee, badminton, football, or tug of war. A small tournament can be more exciting, plus kids can be motivated with prizes. 


For extremely hot days, you can simply organize a beanbag toss or croquet for less strenuous activities. Outdoor activities like sports make camping less boring and totally fun. Every kid loves a little bit of action to boost skills and stamina. 


At night, your family can lie on the grass and stargaze. No need for a heavy-duty telescope because binoculars can do the trick. You can name the stars and allow kids to name theirs too. To make things more fun, let children draw shapes they can see in the sky. 

Storytelling is part of stargazing and this will allow kids to learn more things about the stars, moon, sun, and other entities. Parents can also use this opportunity to educate children on facts about planets, and the solar system

Sing Along

To cap off the night, your family can gather around a fire pit and sing along. Play an instrument and sing your favorite songs. Do this while sipping hot chocolate or while eating a snack. Take this opportunity to teach kids some new songs and encourage the family to make catchy music. 

Each family member can also prepare a special performance. This will help children boost confidence and develop singing skills. 


Spending quality time with your family doesn’t need to be extravagant. A simple camping once in a while makes up for a unique and memorable experience. Parents simply need to be creative and to find ways to engage kids of all ages. 

Make sure to plan ahead and provide decent prizes that kids will love. It could be a good snack, coupon, or any other items you can find at the grocery.