We often notice people around us who are not fully happy with their lives. It is alright to aspire for more, but it should not affect you mentally. Teenagers nowadays are not satisfied with their lives as they tend to compare themselves a lot. What is the main cause of depression among the youth?
Many people have different reasons to be depressed. With the rise in social media, every person aspires to have an Instagram worthy life. However, half of the things we see on social media are not even real.
We tend to display the best parts of our lives on social media which is depressing for some people.

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Teenagers have a lot of pressure on their mind that they endure in silence. The lack of awareness is one of the most significant issues that we need to fix. When a child is growing up, they go through a lot of emotions that they are afraid to communicate with their parents. However, parents must understand their children and build an effective relationship. Communication is one of the most vital things to help teens cope with depression and anxiety.
Why do teens experience depression and anxiety more? The rate of depression is higher in people aged between 15 to 24 years. There can be a variety of reasons as to why the rate is high. However, we have so many expectations from life when we are young. We believe that everything will pan out the way we want, which does not happen at all. Teachers or parents must give their children pep talks about life and challenges.
Life is not as easy as it seems, and there is so much to life than fantasy. Hence, it is essential to understand the things that make you succeed in life.

Why are teens more depressed?

Who is more likely to get depression? Well, a person’s mentally stability determines whether or not they will get depression. We all have certain events in our lives that make us emotionally vulnerable. However, we have no choice but to bounce back quickly. Some people can get stuck in past events for a long and have a hard time to cope. On the other hand, it is essential to acknowledge that you need help and take action to feel better.

1.     Social media

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Is there an increase in teenage depression? There is a spike in adolescent depression due to social media mainly. Social media was not as vast a decade ago, but it has gained popularity now. There are a lot of people on social media that post about their luxurious lives. While it is entertaining to watch such content, it can take a toll on your mind as well. You start to compare yourself with unrealistic things people have and want them for yourself. It is healthy to bring inspiration, but it is not right to feel bad about yourself.
Everything comes with a price, and social media tends to make you feel sad sometimes. There are a lot of people online that post about their journeys. However, we tend to ignore the positives and let the wrong side of social media take over us.


2.     Education

Some parents are tough on their children when it comes to academics. Every parent wants the best for their child, and they think only education can make them successful. While this fact may be true, there is a love of things that can make you successful. A parent must guide their children to be hardworking and passionate. However, most of them are obsessed with good grades and valuable education. Such pressure can cause a child to get depressed and anxious. Gentle parenting is imperative as it has many positive impacts on the personality of a child.

3.     Negative thoughts

A highly optimistic person can also get negative sometimes. Sometimes, life plays a trick on us, and all our hope goes out of the window. However, it is essential to remind ourselves that everything is temporary, and it will pass. We tend to think that our life is wrong just because we are stuck in a messy situation. However, the right mindset and willpower can get us through anything.

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It is essential to work on your lifestyle and incorporate beneficial foods in your daily routine. Kratom is one of the most valuable organic supplements which people use readily to mitigate mental issues. Gold Bali kratom available on kratom krush is specifically beneficial as it has a mild taste and works best for beginners.
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4.     Family

Most of us have families that support us in anything we do. However, not all of us have such a blessing in our lives. A teenager with a broken family or bad relationship with parents can fall in the trap of depression. It is critical to have family or close ones as a backup who support you through dull times. You can also opt for therapy to help you attain mental stability.