While settled in a cookie-cutter cubicle, working long hours and despite a cushy job, one does feel that travel is the answer to all the problems of the world. After all, who wouldn’t like to take a breathtaking vacay to forget the yearly targets and client deadlines just to breathe in some life!
Many of us romanticize ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ and ‘Wild’ thinking that we can find ourselves in another corner of the world. And there is no denying that the magic of travel might just do that for you!
However, before you let yourself loose on those travel plans, why not have a think about the kind of a person you are and make plans based on that? To help you in the decision-making here are our meticulously curated places to visit based on different personalities!

1. The Quintessential Traveler

Do you love it when your bookings are up to the mark, reservations are in place and you have an itinerary made? And does it make you cringe when you see other people traveling with absolutely no plans and nothing organized?  Hola, quintessential traveler!
To allow yourself to enjoy the most of your travel plans, we recommend Italy. Choose a guided tour or a vineyard exploration in Italy and you will have the time of your life!

2. The History Buff Traveler

Love visiting historical places? Do you thrive on the cultural and regional stories of every destination on your bucket list? Shopping malls and theme parks not exactly your idea of fun? Manila would be perfect for you then!
A buzzing melting pot of history and culture, explore Manila one day at a time in a sweeping jeepney, visit Rizal Park, explore the San Augustin Church made in the 16th century and relish fresh fruits at markets near the Quiapo Church. You’ll get to relive the past of Manila and end the day feeling rejuvenated!


3. The Peace Loving Traveler

Do you tilt towards a no-frills attached, freeing vacay where you can meditate, relax and just be with yourself at peace? For a pacific traveler like you, we cannot recommend Leh in Ladakh more!
Nestled in India, this magical place is home to monks and monasteries, the Pangong Lake, and a backdrop of mountains and empty roads. Head to this part of the world to experience nirvana in its true sense!

4. The Aesthete Traveler

Are you an avid admirer of art and literature? Find beauty in all the small details? Sun, sand and surf not exactly your style of vacay? Then Paris would undoubtedly appease your senses.
Visit the Louvre Museum and get lost in the splendid world of art and culture. Go hunting for all kinds of unique trinkets and souvenirs at Saint-Ouen Flea Market. And to bring back some splendid memories of wonderful artists go and visit the graves of Oscar Wilde, Jim Morrison and Édith Piaf at Père Lachaise cemetery. Thank us later!

5. The Aquaphile Traveler

Love that feeling of the warm sun on your skin, salt in your hair and silky sand sifting between your toes? Feel at peace as the sound of a soft whispering breeze gently rustles shady palms overhead while small waves in the ocean form and gently crash against the shore to make the perfect background soundtrack? Boracay is undoubtedly the destination for you!
Known as the beach capital of the Philippines, this stunning island is a dream for all you water babies, beach addicts, and sun-seekers out there. The sweeping beaches, accommodation options and a plethora of water activities make it an ideal summer destination!


6.  The Party Thriving Traveler

Always feel like a trip is incomplete without a banging party and a terrible hangover to mark the end (or perhaps the beginning?) of it? Not really into any of that history or artsy stuff most of Europe is famous for? Ibiza is the place for you then!
Whether you’re young, single and free, or all grown-up with kids, a mortgage and a laundry full of washing, the party animal in you is going to love Ibiza without a doubt. Connect with amazing people, chill out with a sunset cocktail, and party hard at this amazing island destination.

7. The Adrenaline Seeking Traveler

Does the sound of abseiling off massive cliffs and jumping out of tiny airplanes get your heart racing in excitement? Built-up cities and glitzy hotels make you want to run far away? Yep, you’re the definition of an adventure traveler!
If adventure is your middle name then Australia is the right place for a traveler like you. From mountain climbing at Mount Brown to extreme adventure sports, Australia lets you experience the edge of life. Head there to feed your craving for adrenaline!

Bonus Tip

Once you are done exploring the unique destinations that match your personality type, try putting yourself out there by discovering other places fit for opposite personality types as well. Because life is short… Why not give it a go?