If you run a business that has benefited from more of your staff working remotely, then you may have already considered casting your talent nets even further and hiring individuals who are based overseas.
Managing people who are no longer situated in the same building or even the same country as you is becoming the norm, but businesses that fail to effectively manage their international and remote teams, are going to be left behind.
Engaging with overseas employees can benefit your company in several ways, from filling empty roles with highly skilled international workers to learning new languages and improving foreign knowledge – even a richer workplace culture is possible.

It’s hardly surprising that more companies than ever are venturing into the international talent pool.
But it also comes with its challenges, and if everyone isn’t working from the same page, it can lead to all kinds of issues within your business and even your customer journey could be impacted. Here we’ll look at how to successfully manage your international and remote teams effectively. Read on to find out more.

Invest in DAM software

An absolute must for any company juggling remote and international workers. DAM software available from this website is the gateway to international collaboration and streamlined processes, regardless of time zones and locations.
Not only do employees have access to your company’s digital assets in one centralized cloud-based library, but teams can share files both internally and externally without concern, and they can find the files they need within seconds thanks to its intuitive filter structure.
This searchable database of all your digital assets also comes with user permission profiles, so assets, files, and projects can be monitored step by step, and only accessed by those with the right permission criteria and for a limited period. Preserving your digital assets and streamlining your workflows effortlessly.

Communication is key

Employees who feel left out in the cold aren’t going to stick around for long, creating a nightmare scenario in terms of employee retention .
Reaching out to your remote and international employees, not only boosts contentment but also prevents misunderstandings and errors from occurring. Remember to ask questions and to listen – building trust is essential to keep your remote teams happy and content in their work. Some companies even create a separate budget, dedicated to funding meetings with international and remote workers, inviting them to the business headquarters or visiting them instead for face-to-face interactions.


And finally, continue to define your brand and core values

If your international workers aren’t made familiar with your company’s core values and your brand image, then it’s only going to pave the way for more mistakes and a confusing journey for your customers.
A good training program is essential for your international workers, so they can keep your core values and brand image fresh in their minds and at the forefront of everything they do for you.
Again, access to DAM software and integrated brand guidelines can help keep this information clear and concise – your localized employees will benefit too!