Traveling can put your immune system to test because of the stress and the germs you’re exposed to. It can be pretty scary to think that you cannot make the most out of your trip because you may pick up an illness along the way.
According to experts, the best thing travelers can do is boost the body’s immune system. Be it naturally or with the help of supplements, anything that can strengthen the immune system is good. After all, nobody wants to spend time in the hospital while on a trip abroad.
If you are traveling soon, here are some tips you can follow to boost your body’s immune system. Small things can matter most when staying healthy and avoiding the hassle of getting sick. Here’s a guide to help your body prepare before and while on a trip.
Increase Immune System When Traveling

The Role Of The Immune System

The body’s immune system plays a vital role in recognizing harmful substances and fighting disease-causing germs that enter the body. Without it, the body cannot survive because bacteria can damage cells and organs.
The immune system is like security personnel that distinguishes suspicious individuals in an establishment. Upon contact with the suspicious individual, the security personnel can conduct an investigation and summon the police.
In the same way, the immune system works by storing information about the bacteria and how to fight it. If the body comes into contact with the same type of germ again, the body already recognizes it right away and can fight it faster.

How The Immune System Is Weakened

Immune health can be weakened with poor nutrition, smoking, alcohol, and contact with a viral infection like AIDS. The later is the worst enemy of the immune system as the infection destroys the white blood cells, which help fight bacteria, viruses, and germs.
If you’re constantly exposed to an environment full of germs and bacteria, your body can suffer as the immune system has to work harder. Therefore, sanitation is important to get rid of possible germs that could harm the body’s defenses.


Things To Increase And Boost Immune System

If you are traveling, consider the following to increase your immune system.

Get Enough Rest

Having undisturbed sleep or rest is important to reduce stress, repair cells, and ensure optimal well-being. If you lack sleep and you do lots of activities for your trip, you might end up being irritated and stressed out.
Additionally, sleep deprivation can also leave you more vulnerable to respiratory infections and other ailments. That’s why it is recommended to get enough rest before, during, and after your trip.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking water helps carry oxygen to cells, which is imperative for organs to function. Also, drinking enough water also helps remove toxins from the body, which helps immune health in the long run
While on a trip, you might be too busy to drink water but you should make a point to drink a glass every one to two hours. This way, you can feel refreshed and stay hydrated during your trip.


Eat Nutritious Foods

One natural way of boosting your immune system is by consuming healthy foods. Prioritizing nutrient-dense foods promotes good immune function. Experts say that eating six to eight fruits and vegetable servings can support a healthy immune system.
When traveling, consume more greens and fruits to boost your body’s defense system. You can still eat less-nutritious foods but make sure to back it up with fruits and vegetables.

Move Your Body

Doing physical activities like exercise help flush out bacteria in the lungs and airways. This is helpful to aid the immune system when fighting a bacteria or infection. Moreover, doing a workout strengthens muscles and helps the body endure long walks and standing for hours.


Another way of defending your body from disease-causing bacteria is by sanitizing and maintaining proper hygiene. Use anti-bacterial wipes to clean your seat on the plane and other surfaces. It would also help to use soap and water to clean your hands.


Meditating helps regulate stress in the body and improve mental fortitude. You can meditate by doing simple breathing exercises for about 10 to 15 minutes a day. Yoga is another physical activity that not only keeps your body strong but also helps you clear your mind of worries.


Take Immune Supporting Supplements

To support your body’s immune health, you can take supplements to fight off infections. When you lack proper vitamin intake through nutritious foods, you can always back it up with supplements. Take some each day to support your immune system.
Immune System


With a healthy lifestyle, intake of essential nutrients, and being physically fit, you can boost your immune health while traveling. Consider additional precautions like sanitizing things and getting enough rest to rejuvenate bodily functions and avoid stress.