Many people say that love just comes your way while waiting for it, at the right moment, at the right time. Sometimes, it that just don’t happen. People say that love will find you, it’s true, but, sometimes it just won’t. Probably because it’s not the right time yet or one is just too picky to match with anyone.
Traveling solo comes with many perks including new experiences, new thrills, and new acquaintances. Whilst there is a possibility that you could find a new person to travel with, you cannot just find the right one you think you would fit your standards to become your special one. That’s when we could use the help of some dating website for you find your ideal match like
If traveling was a matchmaker, then it would probably be both a disaster and a more often, a blessing. It gives you a new experience, a new feeling you have probably have never experienced before. It will make you either a better person or the worst of you, depending on how you experienced a certain thing. Travelers usually travel, especially when one is single because they want to find that one person who can give tickles and happiness to their heart. It can also be tagged as free dating, a thing you do while traveling.
We’ve heard some good stories about finding love while traveling and seeking relationships while on the road. Some of them have been very successful while some didn’t last long. But what doesn’t kill one, makes one stronger, so after a failed relationship, there will blossom a new one. Do not ever give up on love. Never. Because love will find a way no matter what your situation is.
Here’s a story of a successful traveling solo and finding love while traveling.
“Aicy, who lives in the Manila metro area, watched the video on YouTube and then sent me a message on Instagram sharing a few of her favorite spots to visit in The Philippines. I was very happy to receive her recommendations, suggested we meet up while I would be in the Philippines, and then didn’t talk again until I posted that first picture in Bohol.
Sure enough, we got reacquainted and as luck would have it, we would be at the same airport at the same time in Cebu, where we finally met. Although only a brief encounter, highlighted by us continually missing each other (who puts two restaurants with the ame name in one airport?!), there was a strong attraction and we continued talking via text throughout my stay in the Philippines. As a perfect capstone to my memorable Philippines experience, we met in Manila on my last day in the country before heading solo to China. Once again plagued by delays and the infamous Manila traffic, it seemed like time was telling us what we never want it to say. We spent the couple remaining hours of the day walking around a mall that was modeled after Venice, which seemed strangely familiar to our American version in Las Vegas. We were both with friends, and really still too nervous around each other to strengthen our initial bond.
Aicy had a previously planned trip to Taiwan, and I had no real plan to speak of beyond investigating rumors of a large wall in northern China (turns out it’s real). Determined to give this potential international love affair a real shot, we agreed to meet in Taipei for 5 days.. which was to be our first meaningful time together. After talking every day by text and video call, I was eagerly anticipating the date we would meet, even though I had no shortage of life-changing adventures along the way in China and Vietnam.
Fast forward to now. After five perfect days together, we parted ways around midnight. She returned to Manila and I am en route to Bangkok by way of Saigon. I won’t go into any additional detail about our Taipei trip, but I can now describe the most subtle of attributes that I love about this girl. Feeling confident about the strength of our relationship, however new – I felt comfortable enough to share some of our Taiwan highlights on social media. ”
-Aicy and Michael
If you could relate to this story, then you definitely had some good experience while traveling on the road and finding your special one. If not yet, then there is a right time for you. Stories like this make one truly hopeful and when you are eager to finding love and positive about it, it resonates in you. You can change your fate in finding love. Don’t let just love to find you, you can find love too.


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