How Traveling Adds Intimacy Level with Partner

Traveling with a partner is one of the most rewarding things a person could ever experience. It helps you develop your thoughts with one another and together, it helps bind your maturity towards one another. Doing things together makes you a better team and teamwork becomes a regular thing.

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Being with a partner when traveling makes you realize how lucky you are having her/him and also helps you in getting more inspired day by day. This time, not only you are looking forward to new adventures, but you both are looking forward to adventures together. This makes making love more romantic, passionate, and intense.
According to science, intimacy levels in partners increases when they face a challenge together, when they do things together, when they trust one another, and when they overcome a difficult road in life. It’s all part of growing up as a person and growing up as a couple. Traveling also helps you try new things out together, either in adventures or just being intimate with one another.

When a couple faces challenges

When a couple faces new challenges in life, both are required to do some action and decision-making. This makes teamwork better as you will also be asking for one another’s best advice, making you more comfortable to speak about what you want or what you need.

When a couple do things together

When you and your partner do things together, everything tends to be lighter and easier. Minds work together like you have found the remaining piece in the puzzle. It helps strengthen your relationship with your partner as you move along doing things that you both love. This earns more trust towards one another.


When a couple trusts one another

We say that trust is something that needs to be earned and when you do, you reap the rewards. When you and your partner trust one another, your binding ties are stronger. You do every single thing that isn’t easily shared with other people. Some things that only you and your partner could understand.

When a couple try new things together

Trying out new things could be fairly difficult especially if you have found your comfort zone, but doing it with the person you love and trust the most, forms a whole new different level.

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New Things to Try with Your Partner while Traveling

  1. Sexual Aspect

Try out new toys that are made for love-making, especially in bed. These toys are not for kids but are definitely loved by adults. Keep an open mind and talk to your partner first, in short, get his/her consent, before trying out anything. These toys will help widen your imagination, creates new sensation you’ve never felt before, and helps build more trust between each other.
With this in mind, you can check out online shops catering to couple play like Lauvette. They have items specifically made for you and your partner’s pleasure. Vibrators will definitely work wonders for both genders, easy to use and easy to clean. It comes in many different types and sizes, some doesn’t even look like a sex toy. You may also use lubricants or pleasure lubes like Midnight Touche that’s also safe to be used as a massage oil and as a lubricant.
This will both be a new experience for you. Remember, Christian Grey loved all these items made for adults and Anastasia Steele enjoyed them. Take yourselves into a new world of pleasure and even more intimate nights.


2. Emotional Aspect

It’s normal that you talk every time about what’s happening around and in between, but have you ever talked about what you really feel? This is one of the things that partners need to consider, they don’t talk about what they really feel because of the fear that they may get misunderstood or judged.
When you and your partner talk about certain deeper things, you will develop a sense of belongingness, a unit of trust that you both need. Talk about your plans, your likes, your dislikes, what needs to be improved, so you both are open for each other’s faults and guilts. This helps you know each other better and be better for each other.

3. Mental Aspect

Partners also need to grow but not grow apart. Make time to read books, challenge yourselves into games, discuss things that you both need to learn, and talk about anything to help with your communication. When one doesn’t know, the other should be there to provide answers to questions. Challenging each other mentally helps make you understand one another in ways others can’t.

4. Physical Aspect

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People have a sense of touch and it’s what everyone longs for especially in a relationship. Every now and then, hold each other’s hand, put your head in his/her arms, wrap around each other’s body, brush her hair with your hands, look at him/her in the eyes and smile, kiss when you can, giggle when you can, cuddle when you can. It creates an atmosphere that is beneficial to you and your partner and that can also come down to the sensual touch, increasing intimacy. Massage also helps with increasing levels of love.
You know, there are a lot of things to consider when traveling with your partner but all these helps heighten your intimacy level with one another. Let each other explore new things to create a harmonic atmosphere where love and passion can grow together.


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