Credit scores are an undoubtedly essential aspect of your life and finances. This dictates your ability to qualify for credit cards and other loan programs. More than this, your scores also allow you to get better interest rates as it lets lenders know your creditworthiness.

Because it is a vital part of life, it’s only right that you check your credit score from time to time and make strides to improve it, if not maintain it. Thankfully, you can check your credit score for free with the help of CreditWise by Capital One.

If you intend to stay on top of your finances and your credit score, you might want to give CreditWise a go. In this article, we’ll be explaining what exactly this service provides and how you can check your score without any charge. Take a look.


What is CreditWise by Capital One?

CreditWise is a free credit monitoring service from Capital One that allows users to check their score without damaging their credit. Available on a website and a mobile app, CreditWise provides users access to weekly updates on their credit score, notifications, an overview of key factors, and much more.

It generates a credit score based on the TransUnion VantageScore 3.0 model. Though it is different from a FICO score, the CreditWise service leverages similar key factors that lending institutions are interested in knowing.

Apart from your creditworthiness and considering the history of making payments on time, it also takes into account the amount of credit you are using, the age of your credit accounts, the inquiries you have made for credit, funding available to you, and accounts you may have recently opened.


It also has a simulator that lets users see how different financial decisions and circumstances can impact their TransUnion VantageScore, whether it’s taking a new loan or paying off their debts.

Special Features of CreditWise

Apart from the aforementioned basic features, CreditWise prides itself in offering a number of special features. Not only does it track down your Social Security number, but it also sends users automatic alerts from two credit bureaus.

Its defining feature, however, seems to be the dark web scanning capability. Should your Social Security Number or your email address appear in the dark web, it will immediately alert you to this information so appropriate action can be taken.

As mentioned, you may also utilize the simulation feature to your advantage.


Checking Your Credit Score for Free with CreditWise

Now that you know more about CreditWise, you can easily avail of their service. However, bear in mind that though CreditWise is free for everyone, only individuals aged 18 and above, with a valid Social Security number, can use the app and the service.

First, you need to sign up via the online form available on their website. You may also do this on your mobile application. This will require you to provide your name, date of birth, Social Security number, contact number, email address, and place of residence.

Once you have keyed in your details, read the Terms and Privacy Policy. If you agree, tick the box on the left to proceed then click on ‘Locate My Credit Info.’ After signing up, you will be redirected to a home page which features your credit score based on the TransUnion VantageScore 3.0 system.

The credit summary found on the app or the website will also come with the corresponding key factors that influence this outcome. It’s that easy. As it makes your information available, review the data and report any errors so it can be fixed immediately.

If you wish to explore more of your financial holdings, you may simply tap on other features and subheadings, such as the TransUnion Credit Report. This will show you the number of accounts and balances you have as well as its comprehensive breakdown.

The Bottom Line

CreditWise by Capital One provides a complimentary credit monitoring service to everyone. If you need better tools to manage your finances, make sure to try out this service for yourself.

With its weekly updates and special features, you’re sure to stay on top of your finances and credit score.