Instagram is not only a fantastic marketing tool but also a social media platform that will allow you to express your opinion on different matters through posts and videos. Much like Twitter, it is highlighted by the “followers” feature, which allows you to be followed and to follow what people post on their accounts.
To maximize the potential of your Instagram account, you will want to stay informed about the profiles that are inactive or have stopped following you and learn more about the growth analytics. For this purpose, there is a couple of different apps to track Instagram followers.

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Throughout this article, we will review a couple of reliable and intuitive tools that can help you with this, highlighting the pros and cons. Let’s get right to it!

Apps to Track Instagram Followers

Follower Analyzer

The first app that we will be reviewing is the Follower Analyzer, which comes as one of the most efficient tools for Instagram analytics, and track who has unfollowed you.
What you should know is that it is not available for iOS users, while for all of you with an Android device, it can be downloaded/installed both on tablets and smartphones. 

How to get started? Open the Google Play Store, type in Follower Analyzer in the search box, and download this app for free. Once you have done that, set it up in a couple of simple steps connecting your Instagram account and enjoying all the perks that it offers. What are the features?
Firstly, you will get to find out about the posts that have boosted your profile by checking what the top-liked/commented pictures and videos are. Not only that but also be informed on the fans/people that follow you, but you don’t follow them.

The most important feature of this tool has to be that you will find out what accounts have unfollowed you or never like/comment on your post.

Instagram Analytics Tools 

This can go a long way when it comes to clearing your profile of all the people that aren’t contributing to your Instagram timeline/are inactive. Additionally, you won’t only get growth analytics for your profile but can request the same for any other account, whether that is of your friend or someone else.


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Followers for Instagram

Designed by Component Studios, which does stand as a reliable app developer, this particular tool is a fantastic choice for all iOS users.
Much like the aforementioned product, this one is completely free to use and install. Open Apple Store, type “Followers for Instagram” in the search box, and download it to your device.
What are the features that it is highlighted by? You will enjoy finding out who are the people that have unfollowed you recently, as well as who isn’t following you back. As we have mentioned above, the app itself is completely free to use.

However, there is a couple of limits that you can lift by purchasing some of the offered plans.
There are a couple of plans, including Perception, Involvement, and Monitoring, which do differ in price as well as blocked followers, and comments/likes that have been deleted.
Frankly, while if you are just starting out, these features aren’t something that you may essentially need. For all of you that use Instagram as a professional marketing tool, it can be a game-changer.
Keep in mind that much like the Follower Analyzer, this app is user-friendly, and while it is not affiliated with Instagram, you shouldn’t have any issue figuring out how it works. Among the coolest points about it is that you can unfollow/follow people directly from the app. 

Instagram Engagement Calculator 

That, as well as the fact that it tracks your account’s growth on a daily basis, is why we think that Followers for Instagram is a fantastic choice.
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Apps to Track Instagram Followers


It is a fact that you can’t track who has unfollowed you or isn’t liking/commenting on your posts manually, especially if your account is more popular, and you have thousands of people following you. For this reason, installing a tracking tool such as those two mentioned above can go a long way.
You will ensure you’re staying informed on who is contributing to your profile and using the growth analytics to your advantage.

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