Cancelled flights are the worst because you cant do anything but ultimately cancel the trip or book with another airline. However, most airlines cancel flights due to weather conditions, which is a safety protocol. The only thing you have to worry about is claiming compensation or refund due to the cancellation. However, apps like AirHelp can help you.
If you dont have travel insurance, getting a refund or compensation may be hard. This is where AirHelp app comes in. Everywhere you are, you can always check if you are eligible for a flight cancellation compensation using the app.
Heres what you need to know about getting a flight refund or compensation. We will walk through the process of getting compensation for cancelled flights with AirHelp app. Continue reading to learn more about this process.

Compensation for Cancelled Flights With AirHelp App

What Is AirHelp?

AirHelp is a mobile application available to iOS and Android that tracks flights for delays, cancellations, and other circumstances. The app allows data collection of users and helps passengers get compensation. AirHelp does all the work, from filing complaints to claiming the refund on behalf of passengers.
The company will only get paid once a passenger gets compensated. The best thing about AirHelp is, it lets you track potential claims and undiscovered airline money in your inbox. Old boarding passes can also help you get compensation if the flight is delayed for three hours or ultimately cancelled. AirHelp can assist you in these situations and even do something about an airline denying a passenger compensation.

How Does AirHelp Works?

Using the app or website, you can sync past travel reservations from your email where AirHelp automatically searches the three years of your travel history. From this, the company can check if you have unretrieved compensation from airlines and offer to file a claim. The only catch is, AirHelp gets a 25% cut for dealing with the airline and processing the claim.
The app works worldwide and users can check their eligibility for flight compensation anywhere. Additionally, users can also be informed on which flights are covered and learn about their rights as passengers.
Certain parts of the globe, particularly the European Union, uphold the rights of passengers with a minimum of $671 per flight cash compensation. On top of the money, passengers are also eligible for a ride to the final destination after the flight is cancelled.
Meanwhile, in the United States, where there is no official guidance on flight compensation, AirHelp app helps to get a claim for inconveniences and lost money. Vouchers or miles as compensation can be rewarded to eligible passengers.


Passengers’ Entitlement For Flight Cancellation

Airlines must offer a flight rebooking for free or a complete refund. Under certain circumstances, the airline must notify the passenger days or hours ahead before the flight. If the flight was cancelled within 14 days of the scheduled departure, passengers are entitled to compensation.


For re-routing, different airlines have distinct policies for free flight rebooking. Sometimes, they will only allow the same route but at a different date. This is something about each airline that passengers need to take into consideration.


If you are wondering how much money can you get, know that most airlines will refund the full cost of your ticket. However, if the connecting flight is cancelled and you already departed, you can only get a refund for the unused portion of your ticket.



If you chose to  use your miles for the flight, the airline will reinstate the miles to your account within 60 days. However, AirHelp can also help negotiate this.

Other Entitlements

If you are stuck waiting at the airport, you are entitled to necessary assistance from the airline including the use of telephone, meal vouchers etc. Additionally, if you are offered an alternative flight and placed in a higher class than the one you booked, the airline cannot charge additional payment.
AirHelp Refund

Bottom Line

It sucks to be in a situation where your flight is cancelled and you are left with nothing. Good thing, you can use AirHelp to find out your options for compensation and flight refunds. Download the app today and enjoy its hands-on assistance.