With a blend of various cultures, Malaysia is a fantastic destination to enjoy a fusion of contemporary comfort and little strange things. It was a very exciting moment for me when the flight landed at Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

Malaysia has a lot to offer with its natural attractions, delicious food stalls, instagrammable locations, majestic towns along with astounding beauty. It is one of the best places I would recommend to various travelers.

Here are a few details why Malaya sounds so astounding.



Excellent Transportation

Kuala Lumpur is the main transport center, with inexpensive flights and best connectivity of networks from one region to another. You can travel through inexpensive intercity buses with maximum frequency and at a low price.  If one wishes to travel to the western side of Peninsular Malaysia trains are a feasible option. Furthermore, good roads, contemporary facilities as well as a 4G network makes it everything you requisite for a worthy visit. malaysia

Scrumptious food 


While Vietnam and Thailand are known as the best places for fine dining and appetizing dishes, Malaysia is also a foodie country. Places similar to Penang grew to fame since they were strategic transaction hubs alongside Straits of Melaka (a city in Malaysia), and it offers a cultural tender pot where dishes from Europe, India, Middle East as well as other places from Asia are served and the food lovers can enjoy this variety.

Malaysia is a multiethnic paradise which offers various dishes at an inexpensive price, as I mentioned above. You will feel worthy eating in Malaysia, even if you are not a die-hard food lover.


Malaysia is a multilingual society with ethnic groups maintaining their individual cultural identity. Malaysia is one of the cosmopolitan places because it helps sustain various international relations with various cultural groups in Malaysia such as Indonesian, Islamic community, Indian, Chinese and European societies. Malaysian culture symbolizes the symbiosis of the cultures of various communities within it. malaysia


The Malays that consist of half of Malaysian population play a vital role politically and basically are Muslims. The Chinese form the second largest ethnic group and the Indians beings the smallest of these three groups.

Alluring places to visit


The Petronas Twin Towers, Batu Caves, and Brickfield are must go places in Kuala Lumpur. To experience the history of Malaysia you should visit Melaka and Penang that has UNESCO World Heritage town. The country is packed with seashores all around and there prominence presence in Perhentian Islands offer the best white sand beaches with ideal water for diving and snorkeling.

Try one of the realm’s best-unspoiled forests Taman Negara for adventurous sightseeing. To enjoy the scenic beauty of tea plantation and escaping from scorching heat Cameron Highlands offers the best delight.

For history savvy, A Famosa is the best historic fortress that adds spark to your curiosity and offers interesting sightseeing. For shopaholics, Central Market is the best place to shop from colorful stalls offering handicrafts, clothes, wooden carvings, and ornaments. malaysia

Best time to visit Malaysia

To make the most of your trip, I would suggest visiting Malaysia from May to September as it is the best time with maximum sunshine around.


Believe me! It’s a love at first sight!

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