Hawaii is the youngest and the latest addition to the United States of America. It is the only state that is made entirely of islands making it the most exciting and number one attraction for the tourists.
When visiting the Hawaii Islands, there are countless activities you can do. Whether it’s a family trip or a bachelor’s getaway, the Big Island of Hawaii is packed full of adventure and activities for everyone. There is no chance one can explore all of it or maybe just half of it in a single trip to this place.
With more tourists coming in every year, Big Island rentals, accommodations, and even guest houses for people visiting the awesome place is surely sprouting one by one. Luxurious or backpacker getaway, name it, Big Island has it all to cater every traveller’s needs.
Here, we will be telling you about some of the best things you can do in Hawaii Big Island so you won’t regret later.

Few facts about Big Island (Hawaii)

8 Best Big Island (Hawaii) Activities -
Big Island is officially known as the Island of Hawaii. It is named Big Island because of its surface area. It probably is the biggest of all the islands of Hawaii. Not just Hawaii, but the largest in the United States in the Hawaiian archipelago in the Central Pacific.
With all the fun activities available, this place is also home to 8 different climate conditions and more than 185000 inhabitants. big island activities
Now let’s get talking about the fun stuff that you can do on the Big Island.

3 of the Greatest Beaches of Hawaii Big Island

Since it is an island, it is surrounded by lots and lots of beaches all around it.
You won’t be able to explore every one of them, you may want to, but it is an impossible thing to do in a short time. So, we sorted out 3 of the best beaches in Hawaii Big Island for you to visit.

1. Kauna’oa (Mauna Kea) Beach

8 Best Big Island (Hawaii) Activities - - Kauna’oa (Mauna Kea) Beach
This beach is known as Mauna Kea Beach because it is located right in front of Mauna Kea Beach Hotel. This is definitely the prettiest white sand beach of all the beaches in Hawaii.
A great place for a family visit and provides good facilities for sunbathing, surfing, and more. Even the activities that do not require high surf such as snorkelling can be done.


2. Punalu’u Black Sand Beach

8 Best Big Island (Hawaii) Activities - - Punalu’u Black Sand Beach
The most famous black sand beach also known as just the “Black Sand Beach”. One of the unique beauties of nature. It is famous because of its natural black sand plus you also get to view the sight of green turtles and hawksbill turtles basking under the sun on the beach. big island activities
It’s a nice, inexpensive, and easily accessible place for swimming, snorkeling, and camping.

3. Green sand beach (Papakōlea)

8 Best Big Island (Hawaii) Activities - - Green sand beach (Papakōlea)
We mentioned the white and the black beaches but this Green Sand beach is the most unique and one of the two green beaches in the United States. A must-visit place at least once in a lifetime.
The unique green colour of the sand comes from the Mauna Loa volcano that contains green crystals called olivines. The sight of little green crystal sand mixed with black lava and white coral altogether makes a breathtaking sight to look at.
These three beaches would be enough for your visit to Hawaii for water activities like snorkelling, camping, surfing, boating, and swimming. big island activities
Now, let’s talk about some other activities you can do that you might not find anywhere else altogether.
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8 Best Activities to do on Big Island (Hawaii)

1. Lava Viewing on the Big Island

8 Best Big Island (Hawaii) Activities - Lava viewing -
This place is also famous for its active volcanos. Usually, when we hear about volcanos, the first place that comes to our mind is Japan. But, Hawaii is the best place for lava sight.
Whenever on a vacation, you must look out for when the volcanos are erupting. They do blow off every now and then as it is the main source this place came into existence. So, there is a greater chance you might be lucky to catch one. big island activities
The lava usually flows smooth and slow so it is easy to get a closer look at the new ground being constructed right in front of you. That is the moment you should not miss.
Be careful not to slip and take best precautions before attempting to go near that place.



8 Best Big Island (Hawaii) Activities - Manta Ray night dive -

Manta rays are special reef creatures that live in the Hawaii sea coasts. These manta rays can grow up to 18ft. That’s big! And, can live up to 50 years! WOW!
On average you would find manta rays up to 12ft while diving. These creatures are friendly and the feeling while diving with them is indescribable.
The best place to get a chance to swim with the manta rays is to visit Manta Rays Feeding Centre. Make sure you choose an authorized tour provider as they perform best practices to secure Manta rays.

3. Hot Ponds in Hawaii Islands

8 Best Big Island (Hawaii) Activities - Hot Ponds -
With massive amounts of active volcano activities and a large amount of water, Hawaii Islands have built up lots of natural hot ponds. If you’re on a honeymoon trip, it’s best to visit hot springs! big island activities
These ponds are open for public and are a perfect place for relaxation. It is even known that taking a bath in hot ponds or hot springs can help provide relief from stress and muscular pains, especially back pains.

4. Helicopter Ride

8 Best Big Island (Hawaii) Activities - helicopter ride -
Not everyone gets a chance to ride a helicopter. Even if they do there is a rare chance of getting a beautiful sight to look down below.
Hawaii Island offers its tourist to book a helicopter that will take you to full trip of Hawaii Island to look at the immense natural beauty of the island from the top.
Sightseeing and guides to the most important places of the island are also included in the helicopter ride.

5. Zip Line Activities

8 Best Big Island (Hawaii) Activities - zipline -

What makes Big Island special is the mixture of tall mountains, flat surfaces, and water.
Due to all these things at one place you can find different sorts of activities for every place. Zipline is one of those activities in which you travel from one mountain peak to the other using nothing but a wire hanging both ends. big island activities
It might not be something unique but it is one of the really fun activities to perform on a trip to Hawaii.


6. Sea Horse Farm

8 Best Big Island (Hawaii) Activities - seahorse breeding -
Here, different companies breed seahorses and prepare them to sell to people to take seahorses home. It is a nice and informative place. You will learn a lot about seahorse breeding and challenges faced while farming seahorses. big island activities

7. Swim with the Dolphins

8 Best Big Island (Hawaii) Activities - Dolphin - - Punalu’u Black Sand Beach
Who doesn’t love dolphins? No matter how important or fun other activities might be but spending some time with the highly intelligent and friendly creature is a must to have experienced.
The trainers that take to the tour are highly informative and you will get to know a lot of interesting fact about dolphins. It also includes a special dolphin show with them kissing hugging and doing some really fun stuff.

8. Whale Watching

8 Best Big Island (Hawaii) Activities - Whale Watching -
This mighty animal visits the Hawaiian shores in the winter season for breeding their little children away from the predators. If you get a chance to visit Hawaii in the time period between November and May, you might get to have a sight and listen to these massive animals on their natural habitat (the ocean).
So here we are done with some of the best activities to do in Big Islands on your trip to Hawaii. I hope you find this post useful and helped you decide and plan a perfect trip to Hawaii without missing the main attractions of the islands.
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