DIY Iloilo-Guimaras Travel Guide 2018

Contributed by: Mhabby Ann Labog Tamares

Sharing our Iloilo-Guimaras tour last April 22-25

Iloilo is a province located in the region of Western Visayas in the Philippines. Iloilo occupies a major southeast portion of the Visayan island of Panay and is bordered by the province of Antique to the west, Capiz to the north, the Jintotolo Channel to the northeast, the Guimaras Strait to the east, and the Iloilo Strait and Panay Gulf to the southwest. Iloilo-Guimaras Itinerary

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Guimaras is an island province in the Philippines located in the region of Western Visayas. Among the smallest provinces, its capital is Jordan. The province is situated in the Panay Gulf, between the islands of Panay and Negros. To the northwest is the province of Iloilo and to the southeast is Negros Occidental. The whole island is part of the Metro Iloilo-Guimaras, one of the twelve metropolitan areas of the Philippines.


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4D3N Iloilo-Guimaras Itinerary

Day 1 April 22, 2018 Iloilo-Guimaras Itinerary

1am – Arrival at Iloilo Airport
3am – Going to Carles Port for our Isla Gigantes Tour
8am – Arrival at Carles Port
9am – Start of our Isla Gigantes Tour.
Isla Gigantes Tour package look for Sir Rhett Paul Bolivar for very affordable tour (Island hopping, diving, trekking, caving maexperience nyo at yung pagkain bes sulit na sulit, you’ll enjoy every bites)
And for instragramable pictures look for Kuya CJ, pinakapetmalu na photographer at tour guide (see photos)
2days and 1 night yung Tour na kinuha namen so we stayed at Gigantes gang April 23, 2018

Day 2 April 23, 2018

3pm – Going back to Iloilo City
7pm – Check in at L-Residence (we booked our accomodation at Agoda app, check na lang kayo ng mura, tyagaan lang sa paghahanap.. 900 per day yung nakuha naman good for 4pax)
8pm – lights off


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Day 3 April 24, 2018

6am – Going to Jordan Port for our Guimaras Tour
Yung Guimaras tour namen nakuha namen yung napakabait at magaling din na photographer na si Kuya Michael P1200 lang bes malilibot nyo na yung buong Guimaras good for 4pax na sya.
For booking eto yung # nya 09773725074
And dont forget to try their famous Mango Pizza sa The Pitstop, napakasarap bes 😊
7pm – back to L-residence  Iloilo-Guimaras Itinerary

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Day 4 April 25, 2018

6am – Going to Garin Farm (agahan nyo bes para makuha nyo ung best shot nyo at wala pa masyado tao, dinadayo kasi talaga sya)
10am-4pm – Church Hopping (maamaze kayo sa ganda ng mga simbahan sa Iloilo, you’ll feel blessed visiting every church, tanong-tanong lang kayo kung pano puntahan, mababait naman kausap ung mga Locals tutululungan nila kayo)
5pm – Back to accommodation Iloilo-Guimaras Itinerary
8pm – Going back to reality (Flight back to Manila)
Total Expenses: almost 7K kasama na pasalubong

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