MTA Certification Is Waiting for You! Pass Microsoft 98-366 Exam via Practice Test to Succeed!

Microsoft is currently one of the biggest companies around the globe, and there is a high chance that you are already using its product at this moment. Microsoft is known for many things but it is most popular for the Windows operating system. According to recent reports, over 70% of computers today are running Windows OS. This should give you an idea of the impact Microsoft has on the general public. Ever since it first emerged in the 1970s, Microsoft has been inventing and innovating technologies as we know them. This organization has invested a lot of resources in technologies and researches that have allowed the world to move forward.
Despite the fact that a lot of people still think that Microsoft is just a big corporation that works on technologies and products, there are many other reasons why it was created. For example, it can offer a certification program. If you go through all its certificates, you will surely find something to interest you. No matter which Microsoft credential you choose, you will first need to pass an exam. If you are interested in Windows Server, you should go for the MTA certificate. To get it, you need to pass the Microsoft 98-366: Networking Fundamentals test Click here.
If you earn this certification, you will be able to show your employers that you have learned new skills and that you are a more valuable employee. To be able to pass the test with flying colors, you need to have hands-on experience with Windows Server, network management tools, network protocols and topologies, Windows-based networking, TCP/IP, DNS, and other required skills. As all these technologies and services are used by a lot of companies, most of them want to hire certified specialists. So if you have the MTA certification under your belt, it will make you a great applicant.
Microsoft 98-366 Exam: Basic Information
As you know, the Microsoft 98-366 exam is mainly about Windows Server, so if you want to take this certification test, it is important that you have some initial knowledge of technology. The 98-366 exam is available in different languages, including Spanish, Russian, Italian, Japanese, German, French, English, and more. The test costs around $127, that is why it is better to prepare yourself so that you don’t have to pay for another try.mta-certification-practice-test
If you are thinking about taking Microsoft 98-366, you need to know that this certification exam evaluates your skills in a variety of tasks that are mentioned below:

  • Understanding Protocols and Services;
  • Understanding Network Hardware;
  • Understanding a Network Infrastructure.

There are several subtopics in these objectives that you need to know in order to pass the test with a high score. All in all, you should master your skills in understanding IPv4 and IPv6, name resolution, networking services, OSI model, TCP/IP. You also need to know one or two things about using switches, routers, and media types. Moreover, you should understand the concepts of the intranet, extranet, and the Internet, along with LANs, WANs, and wireless networking. You can find more information about the exam topics on the official Microsoft webpage.
As for the structure of the Microsoft 98-366 test, unfortunately, the exact details about it are not available due to the Microsoft policy. We can talk only about potential figures. The exam consists of around 40 to 60 questions, which will be of different types. You can follow the link related to a variety of question types directly from the certification page. There you can find all video tutorials with explanations. You will also come across the manual during the very test so that you remember the peculiar features of each type. Please note that you will have around 120 minutes to answer all the questions.
Microsoft 98-366 Exam: Preparation Time
Preparing for the Microsoft 98-366 exam isn’t going to be as hard as you think because you can easily find study resources for it online. But you should be cautious. Try not to go for free sources, as there is a high chance that you might run into outdated information or even a fraud.You should not forget that the only free cheese is in the mousetrap. It is better to pay for updated and verified materials that will help you during your preparation than rely on the doubtful ones.
If you are looking for the best study bundles for the Microsoft 98-366 exam, you should take a look at Exam-Labs. The platform will fulfill all your studying needs, here you will find a premium package for this certification test that will be more than enough for you. It contains training videos and a study guide that you can refer to. Both of these prep tools will allow you to go through all the exam topics quite easily and you will understand everything. You can also use practice questions that will help you solidify your knowledge. With them, you can evaluate not only the skills and knowledge that you have obtained but also your fear of taking the exam because you will have the same feeling while passing practice tests as during the actual exam. Answer as many of those practice questions as you possibly can and you will be good to go.
Moreover, you can join the Community on the Microsoft website or discuss your questions with the peers on the Exam-Labs platform.
Microsoft 98-366 is a quite popular exam, and that is why you shouldn’t have any problems preparing for it. Therefore, if you run into any troubles while preparing for this certification test, you will very easily find the solution on the mentioned platforms. If you don’t have any certificate yet, then you should consider going for Microsoft MTA because it is a great place to start if you are interested in Windows Server. Learning how it works can be very beneficial because there are a lot of companies that will think about hiring such a specialist like you.