A photobook is a stubborn old-fashioned technology, but it provides you with some space for experimentation. It is basically a sequence of photographs printed on paper and bound into a portable volume.
In a time of a hammering flow of online photographs and videos, such materialistic simplicity is obviously quaint. But yet, this form which happens to have been invented in the mid 19th century still remains to be one of the most vivid ways of conveying the power of images.

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Today, we are going to talk about an app called Photobook that allows you to create and design photos for free. Read on to learn more.


About Photobook

Photobook is probably the best place for personalized custom gifts cards and photobooks. With Photobook, you can now transform your best photographs into inspired designs of outstanding quality, and turn your best moments into meaningful memories.
Photobook is offered by Photobook Philippines that believes in making every moment more magnificent and magical. With Photobook, users can narrate their greatest stories and share their wonderful experiences with their loved ones.
Create and Design Photos for Free with Photobook

Why Should You Use Photobook?

Photobook Philippines is among the best photobook designers and printers that the world has ever seen. Besides, there are few things that make Photobook, a stand-out brand in the market, and why we should choose Photobook for designing our own customized photobook.

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The prime reason why Photobook Philippines should be on top of your list for creating a memorable photobook is its work quality. Photobook promises to offer a 100% quality guarantee and full personalization options in simple steps.
It ensures that all of their products are well made and meet the full satisfaction level of their customers and clients. Besides, Photobook offers an exclusive menu of personalization tools and a growing range of striking designs.
Additionally, Photobook also promises to deliver the products right at the customers’ doorsteps within 7 days. Also, if the orders achieve certain thresholds, Photobook has free shipping facilities.

Create a Design for Free with Photobook

With the Photobook app that is available on both iOS and Android platforms, you can easily create and design photos for free. The app is a brief version of the Photobook and has all sorts of service that it actually provides.
See how to design and get your free photobook here.
You can customize your photobook design and, also place an online order via the app. Photobook puts forward two separate binding options for the hardcover photobooks that includes the perfect binding option and a lay-flat binding option.

The standard photobook features a perfect binding with a reinforced spine whose cost can range from $44.99 to $64.99, depending upon the size.
Similarly, the lay-flat binding photobook levels out to display the photos seamlessly across two pages, which enable you a continuous visual experience. Its price starts at $64.99 and can hike as high as $99.99.

Mini Photobooks

Create and Design Photos for Free with Photobook

At Photobook app, users can also create mini photobooks. You can create a mini memento for your everyday moments in a softcover book. These mini photobooks can cost from $6.99 to $11.99, depending upon the sizes.
Get your FREE 6×6 Photobook here.
Moreover, you can also design simple books, wall decor photographs, calendars, photo gifts (tumblers, puzzles, mugs, pillows, keychains), apparel, embroidered and engraved gifts, and much more.
Photo prints are also available in various sizes and paper types. Photobook is your one-stop destination for all your necessities that includes photos in them.

The Bottom Line

To sum up, Photobook Philippines is the number 1 platform to turn your photographic collection into elegant photo books and albums. Make sure to consider this app if you are interested in making Photobooks.