If you’re from the UK, a trip to Wales is almost part of growing up. Most ‘locals’ appreciate the beauty – and will sporadically visit to take advantage. When it comes to foreign visitors, the country can sometimes get forgotten.
Naturally, it plays second fiddle to the likes of London, and getting a tourist from abroad to fly into Heathrow and then make the trip to Wales is easier said than done.
However, perhaps it should be encouraged more. If you are about to land on UK soil, Wales is something that can transform your trip and allow it to sway away from the norm. Today, we’ll talk about some of the reasons why.

Photo by Stuart Smith on Unsplash

It’s much, much cheaper

Need a hotel in London? You know all about the cost repercussions.
How about one in Wales? Now we’re talking. The cost of staying in Wales is significantly cheaper, and this also spans to its attractions. Put simply, Wales is a more affordable alternative and while there are regions that are most definitely set up for tourists, these will still cost much less than a trip to the English capital.

It’s a new language to understand

First and foremost, English is widely spoken in Wales, so you don’t need to have any concerns about that. Something that surprises a lot of visitors is the Welsh language though. It is spoken – and it greets you as soon as you hit the roads. It’s a massive ‘culture hello’ as soon as you land, so you might even do well to have a couple of common phrases up your sleeve, if you’re feeling brave about trying the dialect yourself!


Historically, it is a dream

Photo by Julian Rayar on Unsplash

In truth, the whole of the UK is blessed with attractions that are historical gems. Fortunately, if you narrow down your stay to Wales, the same can be said. For those of you who really want to sample as much history as possible, consider something like Cardiff Castle which is one of the biggest of its kind in the country. However, things don’t stop there. There are umpteen smaller ruins that are scattered around Wales and many of these do not require an entry fee.
If you’re comfortable with driving (they also drive on the left side), we would encourage you to take a small road trip around the country. You might get lost, but chances are, you’ll stumble on plenty of castle ruins that will make your trip fascinating.

The countryside is something else

Photo by Callum Blacoe on Unsplash

Whether it’s national parks (they cover 20% of the whole country!) or just the overall countryside, this is something to be blown away by. Wales has it all out in the sticks and as above, we would encourage you to simply get lost. Whether it’s a road trip, hike or train (this can be a particular highlight through the valleys), you’ll set eyes on sights that you would have never associated with this part of the world.

It also contains vibrance

While we have made a lot of noise about the Welsh countryside, its urban qualities should not be forgotten either. For example, take to Swansea or Cardiff, and you’ll be met with all of the “big city highlights” that most in the world have. There are great restaurants, nightlife, and a general good vibe; Wales is not a one-trick, countryside pony by any stretch of the imagination.