Visiting Mickey’s kingdom is definitely fun and exciting, most especially for kids. The thrilling and kid-friendly rides, towering castles, shops, Mickey-themed snacks and food, make the experience truly memorable. 

Despite the glitter and fun escapade, a Disney vacation can be expensive, especially if you bring kids. The theme park tickets alone cost roughly $109 for a single day. Even if you book through Disney travel agents, the price of accommodations and tickets are pretty high.

Get to know some tips to save money on your Disney vacation. Earning big discounts isn’t easy and most of the time it requires some stacking and digging. Read on to learn about 3 important things to help you cut the cost and stretch your budget. 

3 Important Things Disney Travel Agents May Not Tell You

Disney Travel Planners

Massive changes in the travel industry led to improved customer service, just like with Disney World or Disneyland. The company now offers travel planners to make it easier to book and navigate through Disney World vacations

With a lot of resorts to choose from, accommodation types, and several packages, finding the best package may be an issue. With the help of Disney travel planners, you can save a lot of time when looking for tickets, booking accommodations, and more. 

While the service is helpful, the agents don’t entirely provide the best money-saving options for customers.


Buy Tickets From Third-Party Sites

Buying tickets directly at Disney’s website isn’t recommended, because they aren’t always on sale. The prices only go down on the lean season, and the price difference isn’t that huge. To save money, you can explore the Internet and find third-party websites that sell discounted tickets

For instance, websites like Get Away Today and Undercover Tourist offer discounted Disney tickets. Make sure not to sleep on these websites because they offer really cheap tickets. The only downside is, they disappear quickly as many people are looking for discounted passes. 

Undercover Tourist even lets web users save $20 per pass, on certain peak days. This is a good deal and isn’t available on Disney’s website for peak season.

Rent Disney Vacation Club Points

If your family wishes to stay at the Deluxe resort at a moderate price, the best option is renting Disney Vacation Club (DVC) points. This is Disney’s version of a timeshare, which is totally cool. 


There are two paths to get savings when renting DVC. First, you need to find a DVC owner and rent directly from them. Another option is choosing a service like David’s Disney Vacation Club Rental to rent points at a fixed price. 

Price per point varies per owner, but the average rental price is $19 to $21 per point. 

Use Discount Codes

Disney travel agents won’t tell customers about discount codes, especially during peak season. Take note that some websites, like offer discount codes to book rooms at a lower price. This is a helpful tip to beat the published price of the hotel rooms. 

You can also find discount codes for theme park tickets, although the discount is only minimal like 5 percent off. However, this is better than getting nothing at all. Check out websites, like Magic Guides, Groupon, Coupon Cabin, Travel Mamas, Slick Deals, and Retail Me Not. 

3 Important Things Disney Travel Agents May Not Tell You


Planning a Disney vacation doesn’t need to bleed you dry, as there are money-saving tips that can help. From booking from third-party websites to using discount codes, and renting DVC points, you can absolutely cut a fraction of the ticket cost and accommodation. 

Consider all of these options in the future if you are thinking about taking a trip Disney World or Disneyland anytime soon.