For many people, traveling means immersing themselves into the material and non-material cultures of a certain place. This is why visiting sites and learning about its history is a great way to make the trip more worthwhile.

Big cities, while hustling and bustling, are definitely great locations for exploring urban dynamics. What with high-rise buildings, numerous shops, and intricately designed transportation systems. 

However, a small town can offer a much more intimate experience, which always has the potential for various types of relaxing recreational activities. If you have not had a trip to such places, here’s what you need to know about small town travel. Read on to learn more.

Follow This Small Town Travel Guide for a Little Adventure

Why Travel to a Small Town?

Knowing how to make the most out of the trip is important, but first, let us talk about the reasons why your next destination should be a small city. Check out our list of reasons below.

Allow for a Short Vacation

If you are pressed on time and you want to squeeze in a little trip to a nearby destination, your best bet is a small city. As the name suggests, these places are relatively smaller in size, which means that you can explore most of the city in a shorter span of time.

Laid-Back and Stress-Free Experience

These places have their own charms that may be seen as the opposite of what urban destinations have to offer. You can take your time exploring the site without worrying about a jam-packed itinerary. Moreover, towns tend to have cozier locations for your relaxation.


Deeper Connections with Locals

Because these are smaller in scale, compared to large cities, you can easily mingle with the locals. You can ask about their history and culture to understand more about their little city. Most likely, they will be glad to talk to visitors about their town. 

Best Tips for Small Town Travel

Now that you know the reasons why you should consider visiting smaller cities, you might be looking for small city staycation ideas to help you get started on planning. Here’s what you should consider.

Do as the Locals Do

The locals know and love their place well. They are familiar with the ins and outs of the city, which means that they can give recommendations on which sites you can visit, and which restaurants serve the best local dishes.

To fully immerse yourself in the culture of your small-town destination, you might also want to have a taste of what day-to-day living is like for its residents. You can check out local markets, swim in rivers and even use traditional facilities, like saunas and saloons.


Interact with the Locals

Locals are the best resource whenever you travel. As mentioned before, they can give you tips and tricks on how to maximize your stay. You can even get pointers on how to do so without breaking the bank or wasting your time.

Moreover, interacting with locals is a great way to make friends. Who knows? You might find friends for keeps during your travels. This will give you a reason to come back and see more of what the town has to offer. You can even get your new friend to travel with you. 

Do Your Own Exploration

Whether you are traveling solo or in a group, you want to make sure that you take the time to try and explore the city by yourself. With the laid-back and cozy nature of a town, combined with the clarity solo excursions have to offer, you can get into a tranquil mood.

This will give you the chance to take in the environment and setting with only your own thoughts to accompany you. This also creates an opportunity to interact with the locals, explore places you have not seen yet, and even taste foods you have not tried yet.

Exploring by yourself is definitely a different experience compared to exploring with your friends in a group, so make sure to give time for this. 

Follow This Small Town Travel Guide for a Little Adventure


Small towns offer a distinct feel compared to big cities. With this small town travel guide, you can start planning your next trip to explore nearby places and even those that are farther away.