There are times in our life that we need to have the relaxation that we need but we could not do it because of certain reasons we make up for ourselves. We sometimes say that we have no time, but we often spend it on gimmicks and parties. We also sometimes say that we will eat healthy food and do exercise but our mind and body tells us that what is not good is what we need causing us not to make a healthy lifestyle and eat unhealthy snacks.
Almost 90% of people living in this world are affected by stress. Stressed caused by work or everyday commute especially for the fast paved system we have at this current time of the century. These stresses trigger toxins that are harmful to our health and often leads to certain diseases or even death. In order to fight these toxins entering our body, we need to have a proper diet, exercise and relax our mind.

The Life Extension Health and Wellness Center

On our quest to healthy living even at a young age, we managed to find a place where healthy living is a lifestyle. Located in the heart of Quezon City, lies a health and wellness center, The Life Extension. We tried their most suitable services for our age.

  1. Bio Clarity Therapy
  2. Diathermy Therapy
  3. Thermal Mineral Phototherapy

Their services are appropriate for all ages but are most effective with people age 20 and above as this is the stage where we enjoy life to the fullest, do most of our vices, and abuse our body to the max.


Bio Clarity Therapy

Bio Clarity therapy could be compared to having a sauna at a spa or a hot spring resort. However, the procedure is quite different.
In Bio-clarity treatment, the body is exposed to hot steam with herbal oils that help with perspiration resulting in detoxification of harmful bodily fluids. This procedure helps the body to regulate blood flow and circulation. Thus, releases stress hormones thru sweating and makes skin soft and subtle afterward.
You’ll find yourself sweating a lot while your body is inside the equipment. Some find this treatment uncomfortable because of the heat of the steam but is definitely tolerable. Don’t worry if you are sweating a lot as the toxins are released thru your perspiration revealing a healthier you when the procedure is finished.

This is good for people who are stressed about work especially when they are working odd-hours (graveyard shift) or those who have no time to exercise and are unconsciously gaining excessive fats. A 15-30 mins session is equivalent to 2-3 hours of exercise without the hassle of running, jumping, and lifting. If you think you have no time to go outside and run or exercise, this is the perfect treatment for you.
This is also best for people who want to be slimmer. The sweat released from your body indicates that the fats and cholesterol have been burned even by just seating in the bio-clarity equipment. Find time for consultation to work out what’s the best schedule for your body needs.

The first session lasts for 15 mins, while if you are on the second and onwards session, you will have to spend time about 15 mins to 30 mins per session to secure good results.
Bio Clarity Therapy treatment costs ₱750 (regular rate) and ₱500 (member-rate). On how to become a member, see the end of the post.

Diathermy Therapy

Diathermy Therapy uses a heated wand as if you are being ironed like a cloth. Nothing to worry about as the heat is tolerable, meaning, not too hot and very safe when in contact with skin. Sometimes you might feel a little sting but that’s how you know the treatment is working.
This treatment helps relieve body aches and sore muscles. 15 minutes into the treatment and you will be relieved of muscle aches. A massage will be stipulated after the session. Each session lasts 15 minutes.

They will ask you about what part of your body is not feeling okay and they will focus on that to help with healing. I asked them that my nape area or upper body needs fixing as I always wear heavy backpacks from traveling and it makes my upper back scream with pain mostly due to fatigue.
Diathermy Therapy treatment costs ₱750 (regular rate) and ₱500 (member-only rate).

Thermal Mineral Phototherapy

The Thermal Mineral Phototherapy uses a heated infrared device with minerals to help with skin and bone density structure. This is comparable to having a 30 mins sunlight exposure but with additional benefits and without the burning of the skin and the treatment also lasts for 15 mins only.
A machine that emits beneficial heated infrared light with mineral is focused on your upper back. You might feel a little warm where the machine is focused but the heat is tolerable. They always ask you if the heat is not tolerable anyway so you have to be honest to avoid injuries.

This treatment also helps relieve sore muscles and body aches and comes after Diathermy Therapy.
After all the treatment I proceeded with The Life Extension, it was like magic that I felt lighter and stress-free. It was really amazing! I felt relieved of any pains and muscle sores and I feel so rejuvenated. Even though I am not allowed to shower for the night, my body was feeling better.
Thermal Mineral Phototherapy treatment costs ₱750 (regular rate) and ₱500 (member-only rate).


How to Become a Member of The Life Extension Health and Wellness Center? How much?

It was one of the questions that easily comes to mind when you avail their services. The good news is, The Life Extension membership is only P 1,000 and you become a member for a lifetime.
When you are a member of The Life Extension, you will be able to spend less as the services fee for all the treatment becomes lower. However, the membership is good only for one person and is not transferable. So if you want to have your mom or dad avail of the services for less, you have to make them a member of The Life Extension. A one-time payment of P 1,000 makes all the difference.
Here are The Life Extension services rates:

Additional Comments and Personal Experience

We’ve heard several issues about the staff of The Life Extension that some of them are not ‘welcoming’ or that they lack customer service training. However, based on my experience going a Monday late noon, the staffs were attentive and basically in good mood. Maybe it was because the influx of patients is not that heavy unlike when you visit on a weekend where it is busier because there are more patients.
While in the Bio Clarity treatment, I kept on asking questions about the benefits of the treatment and some about the work environment. The therapist who was assigned to us, Mary, was bubbly enough and was really ready to answer patient’s questions. She was even telling some stories about how the treatment for other patients does. I keep on asking questions because I know that my body is dripping in perspiration and I need something to divert my attention to.
After Mary checked on us, it was Jaycee who entertained our questions and was also ready to answer patient inquiries. Myla, who did our Diathermy Therapy and Thermal Mineral Phototherapy was also keen enough to answer questions and are attentive if the heat in the wand and the thermal machine was tolerable.

Feeling Fresh after the sessions

Maybe we also just need to put ourselves in their shoe so that we understand they are also prone to stress working with patients.
For the best experience, I highly suggest going on a weekday.
For areas to improve, I hope they will have a better appointment system so they could control who goes in and out of the wellness center to avoid issues especially with over accommodation of patients.
To sum our visit, we had a good experience at The Life Extension on a Monday late noon.

THE LIFE EXTENSION Health and Wellness Center

Unit 307 Bell-Kenz Tower,
127 Malakas Street,
Diliman, Quezon City
(02) 514 0301



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