In the search for the perfect getaway for a weekend with my friends, we stumbled upon an interesting property in Antipolo, the Villa Elisha.

Villa Elisha in Antipolo

Fun Fact: The Yacht Staycation we already blogged about also owns Villa Elisha. 🙂
Villa Elisha, Antipolo -
Villa Elisha, located at Padilla, Antipolo, Rizal, is a hidden gem of its place and is only about 2 hours from Manila. It lies within the grounds of Phillip’s Sanctuary, a team-building ground facility where you and your team can enjoy various activities. It is a 2-story house with a magnificent view of the forest and the sanctuary.
This villa is perfect for family and barkada getaways or couple staycations, just like us. You can have your own private staycation getaway with 3 rooms and a loft room, with complete kitchen and bathroom amenities and private pool all by yourself if you rent it out!

If you want to explore the forest surrounding the area, that’s possible! Villa Elisha is located in a 30-hectare private forest land. Explore and commune with nature while having a grand stay at the villa. You can walk and hike to various parts of the land area and or just sit back and relax on the balcony and enjoy the forest view right before your very eyes.
Also, if you wish for a barbeque party, then that’s ultimately possible. There’s an electric barbeque grill just right outside the house where you can do al fresco dining. Enjoying the view and or go swimming while cooking and eating.

Villa Elisha, Antipolo -
Barbeque Area
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The Space

The first floor has a relaxing vibe and design that instantly tells your mind you are in a fantastic place. Comes with 2 sofa sets and large spaces for walking and even running around. It has a majestic view of the lush forest outside as it has glass windows.

The kitchen is well equipped. They even have a collection of glasses that you can use for your drinking. A huge refrigerator is also waiting for you to put your goods in. If you plan to cook, you won’t have problems in this villa as everything you need from knives, utensils, spoon, fork, glasses, to other kitchenwares is available. One thing I love about a well-equipped kitchen is that you don’t have to bring the pans and your other cooking stuff from home!
Upon going up, you’ll find two rooms and a loft. There’s also a huge television at the center where you can definitely watch movies and feel like you are in a theater, just do not forget to bring your movie supply.


The Rooms

The loft was where my friends, Kim and Grace, slept. It’s an open area with clear windows and a nice view of the outside surroundings which is a perfect spot for Instagram shots. Truly relaxing. Good thing that the weather cooperated so they didn’t feel the summer heat. All you’re gonna feel is the cool wind and the chirping of the birds, especially at night.

Since there were two bedrooms, Jane and I occupied the master’s bedroom. It has a king-sized bed fronting a majestic view of the forest and facing the balcony. It also has a sofa that can be turned into a bed, and a large wardrobe/cabinet with mirror doors. The room also has its own bathroom. The aesthetics of the room are pleasing and relaxing, making the staycation grand. We thoroughly enjoyed every detail in this room.
Adjacent to the master’s bedroom is a guest room where up to four people can occupy. It has 2 double beds, a nice closet, and a beautifully decorated interiors.

Villa Elisha, Antipolo -
Villa Elisha – Pool Area
Photo by Rizanoia

Beside the pool area is also a room basically that is good for four people. It fronts the swimming pool area so if you want to take a quick dip, you just open the door, go out of your room, then jump into the pool! This area also has a division that acts as a mini bar.
The infinity pool is one of the highlights in Villa Elisha. An excellent location for your Instagram photos. The infinity pool is only five feet deep with navy blue colored tiles. It faces the forest and that makes it a great spot for photo shoots. Imagine enjoying a glass of wine beside the pool. Ah! That’s a total yes and we love this particular spot!

Guests of Villa Elisha also have access to the facilities of Phillip’s Sanctuary that includes the:

Swimming Pool – there are two public pools in Phillip’s Sanctuary.
Obstacle Courses – there are two courses. Inform the caretaker if you want to avail of the obstacle course package.
Fishing Lagoon – the fishes you will catch will be cooked if you want to.
Hanging Bridge
Trails for biking and hiking
Picnic Areas
Children’s Playground
Zipline – Extra fees apply.
Videoke – Extra fees apply.


Please bring your own bath towels and personal toiletries (soap, toothbrush, toothpaste).
If availing of their team building activities, these are the suggested things to bring:
1. Sun Block
2. Mosquito Spray
3. Leggings/jogging pants for activities
4. Extra set of clothing (minimum 2 sets)
5. Swimwear (proper swimming attire is required to use swimming pool)
6. Hat/Cap
7. Old Sneakers
8. Slippers
9. Hand or face towels
10. Raincoat / poncho (rainy season)
11. Plastic laundry bags
12. Medication
13. Water bottle
14. Camera
15. Some spending/emergency money (Phillip’s Sanctuary has a small store where you can buy
chips, soft drinks, candy, toiletries and other emergency personal care needs).
One container of water is provided at the villa. Any other things that you might require and need, should be bought. It’s more preferred if you’re going to buy other things (food, alcoholic drinks, soft drinks, condiments, etc) prior to arriving so you could enjoy the villa all the time you are there.


Important Notes:

a. The standard check-in time is 12 pm and check-out time is 10 am. You may still explore Phillip’s Sanctuary if you do not wish to go home yet after checking-out.
b. Do not bring the books home. It’s for everyone’s enjoyment.
c. Smoking is only allowed in the balcony.
d. Pets are allowed as long as you could clean up the mess they will be making.
e. Alcohol consumption is allowed only in the villa. Please do not bring any alcoholic drinks
anywhere in Phillip’s Sanctuary grounds.

How to Book for Villa Elisha

There are two ways you can book Villa Elisha.

1. via Direct Booking

  • You may visit and message them via email and or the facebook page to reserve a slot. The Villa costs ₱25,000 per night good for 20 people.

2. via AirBnb

  • I prefer this option as it will cost you less and you can still get a discount. I think you can book a one night stay for less than ₱25,000 here. How?

First, register via this link [Register using your email address] to get a ₱1,600.00 discount (travel credit).
Second, after registration, go to this link to direct you to Villa Elisha.
Third, modify your preferred dates of stay. If it’s greyed out, it’s not available. The final price will be calculated.
Fourth, the Travel Credit I gave you (discount) will be applied upon check-out. You may pay via Credit/Debit card and or thru PayPal.

Equipment used for taking photos:
Yunteng Tripod with Bluetooth Remote Shutter
Xiaomi Mi A1


How to Get to Villa Elisha in Antipolo

From Cubao (easiest) :
1. Ride a jeepney bound to Cogeo and go down at Cogeo Market.
2. Ride a jeepney bound to “Paenaan” and go down at Cabading.
3. Take a tricycle and tell the driver to drop you off at Phillip’s Sanctuary. Villa Elisha is inside Phillip’s Sanctuary via a short walk.
PS: Thanks to Brye and Riza of for letting me use some of their photos. The hard disk where I stored my photos broke and I could not retrieve two years worth of photos. It’s sad but we just have to move on.

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