Coron definitely has the best islands and beaches to package. No wonder why Palawan is named the best island in the world. Together with the title, we can say that Coron is also a haven for foodies and cashew lovers.
In the town of Coron, just a little walk and you’d find the restaurants fitted for your budget and taste. But did you know that there’s one restaurant that stands out from this crowd of restaurants? It’s located within the Coron Soleil Garden Resort and named Sol 721.

Sol 721 at Coron Soleil

Sol 721 at Coron Soleil’s name was derived from the number of steps required to reach Mt. Tapyas’ summit. It would take you a total of 721 steps (official count from the authorities). Mt. Tapyas is the highest point in Coron town and reaching the summit will give you a 360 degrees view of the vicinity.
If you are looking for a restaurant with a nice ambience, great food, and most of all, affordable, I must recommend Sol 721. Not only their cuisines are delectable, the staff was all accommodating to your needs as well. The restaurant can be very busy at peak hours but chill at most times. The delicacies are also freshly cooked so you can be assured that your food will be as hot as the Maquinit Hot Springs when you tasted them.

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Talking about the interiors of the place, Sol 721 can be compared to most fine dining restaurants in Manila. A calming music sets your mood just right before you start munching on your food. The lights were set to calm your eyes for everything. The design of the place was greatly complemented by wooden tables and chairs that aren’t dull, and a few shelves with a minimalist approach which is well-composed with things related to the town. Every space in the area was given its own use.
Outdoors the restaurant is the bar and the infinity pool of Coron Soleil Garden Resort. To which you can choose to drink and view the pool when the lights are on inviting you to swim and drink. Mind you, however, that drinking is not allowed while in the pool. It’s really inviting though so you can’t help but only to think about it.
During Fridays to Sundays, the bar has an on-going promo of getting two bottles of beer or a cocktail drink at the price of one. Not only that, there will also be a band singing while you drink or eat. The promo is good from 4 pm to 10 pm, Fridays to Sundays. And you also don’t have to be checked-in to eat and drink at Sol 721.

Things to Note:

a. If you’re checked in at the Coron Soleil Garden Resort, you are entitled to a FREE Buffet breakfast at Sol 721.
b. If you’re checked in at Coron Soleil Express Hotel, you are entitled to a FREE Breakfast at the Express Hotel lobby. However, if you wish to have a buffet breakfast at Sol 721, it is charged at P200.00 ($4) per head.
Here are photos of what we had for breakfast and dinner for two nights.

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The menu for buffet breakfast changes every day and you are assured that the quality of the dishes are not compromised. The egg omelet is made on the spot per request. Others on the buffet table are self-service. You can have your own Filipino style breakfast, Continental Breakfast, American Breakfast, and many others made by you. The buffet table also serves juices, lemon water, hot coffee or tea, milk and cereals, and a few rice favorites.
At an affordable price, you can have 2-3 dishes with rice and drinks for not more than 1000 pesos. On our first night, we had Roasted Chicken with Mango Salad and Lengua Sevillana paired with a root beer. Lengua Sevillana is more than enough for two people, we haven’t finished all of it.

On our second night, we had the Spicy Buffalo Wings, Stuffed Squid, and Chicken Corn Soup. Since the serving was generous, we weren’t able to finish our meal again. We were already full after eating almost half of both sumptuous dishes.
Sol 721 has this affordability factor and generously served dishes. You’ll be feeling full even when you haven’t really finished eating all of what you ordered yet. They will also be attentive enough to fill your drinks even when you don’t ask for it.
Perfectly paired with a great ambiance and relaxing music, it’s gonna be one of the places to spend a romantic dinner.
Sol 721 at Coron Soleil
Mabintangen Rd, Coron, Palawan, Philippines
+632 8066377 | +63915 2126340
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