Formerly known as the Selah Garden Suites, this hotel will change the way you look at any other hotels in the metro.

Selah Garden Hotel -

Normally, what we would see in a hotel and their facilities are all rooms, bed, swimming pool, etc. Some do have their unique identity as a ‘designer’ hotel which makes them unique by design but giving the same treatment and services. Some hotels rising are one with golf course but you have to go outside and it’s costly to play.

Selah Garden Hotel became different with their ambition. They want their hotel to be recognized as a different, unique one, not far from the others but with a touch of adventure and enthusiasm at every corner possible. By that statement, they wanted to be exceptional. selah garden hotel


Relaxation plus adventure is what they want to offer their customers without having to go far. Adventure by means of adrenaline rush via taking challenges and pulling exciting stunts. Giving it your best and bringing all the courage you’ve got to finish the courses with all your might. Are you ready to take on the challenge at Selah Garden Hotel?

What Selah Garden Hotel has to offer

One weekend, we were able to experience the relaxation plus adventure provided by Selah Garden Hotel.

Selah Garden Hotel is located in 2715 Park Avenue, San Rafael, Pasay City, a few minutes walk from LRT and MRT Taft station. It has 82 rooms which can accommodate many guests at a time. You wouldn’t even think that this is a hotel when you look from the outside. Once you came in, I bet you’ll definitely be surprised.


It’s a garden-themed hotel boasting of facilities you’d truly enjoy. Here’s a little list of the highlights:

→ Infinity Pool (acts as a double for Scuba Diving class)
→ Hydroponic Garden
→ High Rope Challenge
(Wall Climbing, Free Fall, Zipline, Rope Bridge, etc)
→ Spa Treatment (by the time we were there, it was closed) selah garden hotel

Yes, you read it right! This hotel offers high rope challenges! The hotel has this facility inside so that team building activities and participants won’t be scattered. That’s what relaxation and adventure come at a point. After your team building activities, you may go straight to sleep in your comfortable bed, or dip for a little while in the infinity pool (but take a shower first, please), or ask for a spa treatment at the upper floor.

They are planning to hire in-house therapists for their spa. You may know someone who’s interested?


As for the high rope challenges, make sure your endurance is on a high because it might take your energy away.

The High Rope Challenges

We weren’t able to catch the flag on the wall. I was really so close but the stone was small and it was slippery. Plus the course I chose was the inclined one. It shouldn’t be very hard but with the small and slippery stone there, it made our journey to the top exhausting. We couldn’t get a grip on that small part. All of us. It was still exciting anyway!

Next in the course was the zip line, that was an enjoyable part, it’s only around 20 meters above the ground and this one’s perfectly safe. Kids enjoyed zipline the most according to the staff. Once you get past the zip line, next one was the net bridge, then the rope bridge, and another one of it in a different style. Each course was different so you’d definitely enjoy it! I can assure you I enjoyed all parts! Last on the course was the free fall.

Don’t be scared. You’re just gonna fall slowly. It’s not like a sudden drop (which what I was expecting, but no). selah garden hotel

If you happen to know Sandbox, the amusement in Porac, Pampanga, they have the same contractors/developers so you can be assured that the activities they provide are of high quality and are perfectly safe.

Since Selah Garden Hotel has plenty of rooms, our group were divided into three, Jon and me, Marge and Chiki, Cathy and Pancake.

We had the Flagship Room which can accommodate 2 persons each. It has a refrigerator, sofa (to which can also be used as a bed), a cable television, and two double-sized beds. The comfort room was elegant looking and neat. It’s spacious and serves hot and cold shower. It has more than the space you’d need for a night.

By the morning, my arms were hurting. Aching from the wall climbing and activities we had done from yesterday. I suggest you bring some ointment with you or pain reliever if in case the same happens to you. I felt like I had a sprain. But that didn’t stop me from doing the next activity.

SCUBA Diving Lesson

In Selah Garden Hotel, their infinity pool serves as a classroom for their SCUBA (self-contained underwater breathing apparatus) diving class. It has a reserved depth of 10ft and if you went on the 10 feet depth of the pool, that means you have already passed the lessons and ready to go SCUBA diving anytime at will.

The instructors were Christoferou Chan of RAID Philippines and Ericson Paul Yee, an Ocean Quest Instructor and underwater photographer. They were both good at disseminating instructions. They were all so patient too. We all both took the time we need in order to learn SCUBA diving.

What will be taught in this class? Gears, underwater signals, how to remove water from your mask while diving, how to use your SCUBA gears, how to equalize so you won’t purge your ears, etc. You’ll have your time to test all the skills you have learned from them while in the pool. Gears will be provided in the class and you don’t need to bring any diving materials. selah garden hotel

Important notes:

Every booking comes with a complimentary breakfast.
You may use the infinity pool as much as you want to.
The High Rope Challenge (as stated above) on full-course will cost you 750 pesos ($15) – with gears and staff assistance.
The SCUBA diving class will cost you 2700 pesos ($55) – with SCUBA gears and taught by professional instructors.
Room rate starts at 750 pesos ($15) to 13000 pesos ($260) for a family with many members.
Check the other rates in Selah Garden Hotel here.

Check Rates | Book Now!Check Rates | Book Now!

Selah Garden Hotel
2715 Park Avenue
San Rafael, Pasay City
+632 511.1331
+632 508.9141

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored stay at Selah Garden Hotel. All reviews and opinions stated here are my own.



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