Developing Your Personal Travel Philosophy

Ways of Finding Your Own Travel Philosophy -
Those interested in philosophy are not always able to apply it aptly to their real-life experiences. This is the major problem of philosophy – both laypersons having only an indirect relationship with this science and students who work with it day by day tend to think of it in purely theoretical terms. Whether you need philosophy essay help, or wish to apply philosophy to more domains of your life, the first thing to deal with is figure out the sense and meaning thereof.
One of vital life aspects is travel; people travel for many reasons and conduct various activities abroad. But does everyone actually pursue some deeper purposes and make sense of travel experiences in a purely philosophical way? Not all people can travel so meaningfully, but if this is what you look for, here is a nice set of tips for you on how to integrate philosophy in your travel and develop your personal travel philosophy with time.

Why Do You Travel?

The first philosophical question to ask yourself is why you travel. Answering that you simply like to do that won’t do, as this is not the reason. In fact, few people can give an immediate answer to the question; the most frequent but superficial answers are:

  • Visiting new places
  • Rest and relaxation
  • Getting to know other cultures and people
  • Establishing more business partnerships
  • Escaping from the routine.

Ways of Finding Your Own Travel Philosophy -
Most often, individuals travel despite some life circumstances and spend money, time, and effort on the journeys. Hence, travel is not always a bed of roses; sometimes it is connected with serious expenditures, social isolation, diseases, unknown cultures and language, hostile locals, etc. Hence, every traveler seeking a personal travel philosophy should move beyond all these material things connected with traveling and think of what his or her trips change in his/her character, life vision, and personality. The inner change is something that only an insightful traveler can get – not by following the advice of other travelers or passing the well-known tourist routes, but by exploring each place on their own and through the prism of his or her character.
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Selecting Countries for Travel Depending on Your Philosophy

Ways of Finding Your Own Travel Philosophy -
Another path for exploring your travel philosophy is to look at the countries to which you are attracted and wish to visit. People travel for different purposes and in substantially different ways – while for one person, a successful trip is a one-week relaxing rest on the beach with a cocktail, others travel to the countries tormented by civil wars and famine to help people combat the emergencies and survive. Both of these travels fall within the concept of traveling, but do they have anything in common? Definitely, not – travelers are guided by distinct intentions and wish to get absolutely different experiences from those journeys. Hence, depending on your wish and expectations from the trip, you will see how your personal travel philosophy shapes and takes form with time.


Defining Your Ideal Travel

Ways of Finding Your Own Travel Philosophy -
Besides determining your travel purpose and countries for travel, you should also deal with the type of travel you are ready to undertake, and that will bring you enjoyment. A thing to consider here is the distance; for some of us, getting outside the city to the suburbs for a weekend BBQ is already a travel full of experiences, while others need to travel across half of the world, go to another continent, to be content with the travel. Sometimes the decision does not come at once and you have to try different places and different travel types to select the best fit for you.
And final advice is to enjoy all you do; though at the beginning of the article, it was said that “I love it” is not enough for a travel philosophy, it is still a central component thereof, adding the charm and pleasure to such an activity. Make sure that you do what you want and like, and only such experience may become rewarding enough. Things we like are meaningful for us, and it becomes much easier to analyze these things and develop a philosophy of travel as soon as you accumulate enough impressions and opinions from different travels.

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