Coron has always been a part of every traveler’s bucket list. Not only because of the wonders it offers but also because of the people. Coron is only a small pack of islands and yet its beauty is beyond compare to many places in the world. It has its own uniqueness, own identity, and that makes it special.
It’s been a home to many marine mammals and species and is rich in marine biodiversity. Its islands are captivating and selfless, a charm beyond compare.
During our visit, we were totally enticed by its landscape, the hotel accommodations and especially, the Coron Villas. With sands so white under the burning heat of the sun, you won’t even notice your skin color is turning from brown to a darker color. It’s one of the trips we won’t forget and we’re sharing with you what we’ve done and where we went around this beautiful town in Palawan, Philippines.

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Coron Travel Guide: What to Bring

Coron Travel Guide: 4D3N Coron Itinerary -

Before anything else, do not forget to bring the following. Here are packing tips for you.

√ Sunblock / Sunscreen (preferably SPF50 or above)

When you get there during summer and the sun is high and mighty, you would want to protect your skin from harmful rays and further damage. It also lessens your skin from getting sunburned.


√ Rash Guard / Rash Vest

Aside from using a sunblock, one best protection is to use a rash guard. It definitely helps in total protection of your skin under the sun. You can take these off when you feel like you want to show off your body and don’t care even if it gets sunburned.

√ Umbrella

Only bring this if you’re going for long walks under the sun, plus it’s not bad to get ready when the rain comes, right?

√ Dry Bag

Bring at least 10 liters dry bag to fit your belongings in. Keep it tightly sealed to avoid water coming in.


√ Sunglasses / OOTDs

If you’re traveling also for your Instagram shots, you have to bring these. Sunglasses to protect your eyes from sun’s radiation, OOTDs to make you look and feel good during your photoshoots.
Of course, you do not forget to bring other stuff like lotion, shampoo, your favorite bar soap, other clothes, protection, and a few more that we know you already knew.

Where to Stay in Coron

For couples like us who would love to spend the nights privately and also loves the comfort and a little bit of luxury at a good price, we highly recommend staying at Coron Soleil Garden Resort. If you are on a honeymoon or anniversary celebration, this one is the best option for you. Click here for our review.
Check Rates | Book Now!Check Rates | Book Now!
We also stayed at their 3* hotel, Coron Soleil Express Hotel, which is also inside the compound. This isn’t exactly the cheapest in Coron but if you’re looking for a budget hotel with pool facilities and magnificent views, this is the place you should book. At a lower price, you can also use the amenities of the resort. Click here for our review. 
Check Rates | Book Now!Check Rates | Book Now!

Coron Travel Guide: 4D3N Coron Itinerary -
Coron Soleil Garden Resort at Night

There definitely are other options and if you’re a backpacker type of traveler, you surely would want to stay at a place that’s comfortable and possibly the cheapest, we recommend you checking other options through Agoda and or Check below.
Check out other options!Check out other hotels!

Flights to Coron

Cebu Pacific, Skyjet, AirAsia, and other airlines cater flights from Manila and other points of the Philippines to Busuanga (Coron).
2GO Travel also has an option for sea-bound travel from Batangas/Manila to Coron. If you have plenty of time to spend, this one’s for you (sometimes it’s cheaper too).

Tours in Coron

Since we only have a few days to spend, we only get the tours we think are the best and would occupy most of our Day 2 and 3 stay in Coron. We availed of the Coron Ultimate Island Tour and Coron Town Tour from Coron Blue Lagoon Adventure Travel and Tours. Their service is superb. Highly recommended. From the communication to the trips, the guides, and the foods we had, everything was perfect and awesome. Click the links for our reviews.


Our 4D3N Coron Itinerary

Day 1

 Coron Travel Guide

12:00 PMFlight to Coron
1:45 PMBusuanga airport to Hotel (Free shuttle from the resort)
2:00 PMCheck-in at Coron Soleil Express Hotel
3:00 PMWent to town for a walk
Check out souvenir shops
Familiarize with town’s streets
Check local market and bars
7:00 PMBack to Coron Soleil Express Hotel
8:00 PMDinner at Sol 721 (Coron Soleil’s restaurant)
10:00 PMRest to get ready for tomorrow’s activities

Day 2

 Coron Travel Guide

7:00 AMFree Breakfast at Coron Soleil Express Hotel
8:00 AMPickup from Hotel to Port for Island Hopping
Coron Ultimate Island Tour
via Coron Blue Lagoon Adventure Travel and Tours
– Siete Pecados
– Kayangan Lake
12:00 PMLunch
– Banol Beach
– Twin Lagoon
– Coral Garden
– CYC Beach
4:30 PMBack to Hotel
Change room from Coron Soleil Express Hotel to
Coron Soleil Garden Resort
7:00 PMDinner at Sol 721
8:30 PMSwim at the pool
10:00 PMRest to get ready for tomorrow’s activities

Day 3

 Coron Travel Guide

7:00 AMBuffet Breakfast at Sol 721
8:00 AMRent Motorbike
8:15 AMDepart for Concepcion Falls, Busuanga
We were actually aiming for Calauit Safari but failed
10:30 AMArrival Concepcion Falls
Swim and Photo Ops
11:30 AMBack to Coron Soleil Garden Resort
1:30 PMLunch
3:00 PMStart of Coron Town Tour
 via Coron Blue Lagoon Adventure Travel and Tours
– Souvenir Shops
– Lualhati Park
– St. Augustine Church
– Mt. Tapyas
Maquinit Hot Springs
7:30 PMSumptuous dinner courtesy of Coron Blue Lagoon
8:30 PMBack to Coron Soleil Garden Resort
Swim at pool
10:00 PMRest

Day 4

 Coron Travel Guide

7:00 AMBuffet breakfast at Sol 721
8:30 AMBrought back the rented motorbike
9:00 AMRest, Chill, Swim, Photo Ops
Went to town for some souvenir shopping
Getting ready for checkout
12:00 PMCheck-out at Coron Soleil Garden Resort
Bound to Busuanga Airport via free shuttle
1:30 PMFlight back to Manila

Coron Travel Guide: 4D3N Coron Itinerary -
Lualhati Park

Coron Travel Guide: 4D3N Coron Itinerary -
Siete Pecados

Our itinerary is mostly relaxed if you will notice. There are lots of leisure time spent but that’s what made our trip enjoyable because we didn’t exceed our energies. Island hopping activities will definitely get the most out of your energy and will definitely knock you out when you entered the bedroom.
Our stay at Coron Soleil Express Hotel and Coron Soleil Garden Resort were awesome and fab. The tours we had with Coron Blue Lagoon Adventure Travel and Tours are definitely top-notch.
This trip also gave us a lot of new experiences and more love for each other. A trip we absolutely will never forget.
Coron Travel Guide: 4D3N Coron Itinerary -
For more photos, you can visit our Facebook Fan Page and check the album.
If you have questions and a few suggestions on where to go for our next trip in Coron, please do let us know in the comments below!