If you need to escape the hustle and bustle of Toronto, but you don’t have enough funds for a big family vacation outside the city, you can consider these staycation ideas Toronto. You don’t have to travel to an exotic country to have a great holiday.
Traveling outside the country for a family vacation can be overwhelming and costly. You must get money for accommodation and air tickets for each family member.
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Toronto Staycation Ideas for Summer

It’s no secret that many families travel for vacations during summer. If you need a break from home, you can opt for budget-friendly staycation ideas in Toronto. Here are some of the best things to consider.

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1.    Visit the CN Tower

The CN Tower is one of the most incredible attractions in Toronto. You can walk to the top using the stairs for fun or use the elevator. There’s an observation deck at the top of the tower that offers a spectacular view of the entire Toronto City.
Near to the CN Tower, you’ll find Ripley’s Aquarium (#3 on this list) and a whole host of local favorite restaurants. Once you’ve returned from your trek up Canada’s tallest tower, be sure to wander the streets below.

2.    Stay in the Chelsea Hotel

If you are looking for a family-friendly hotel for a staycation, consider the Chelsea Hotel. It offers a vast range of fun activities that can keep your family entertained during the entire vacation. Your kids will surely love this place.
Other cool Toronto hotels to consider for staycations include:

  • Bisha Hotel
  • The Broadview Hotel
  • The Drake Hotel
  • The Hazelton Hotel
  • The Annex Hotel
  • The Beverly Hotel
  • The Anndore House
  • Windsor Arms Hotel

Having a tough time picking from all those great spots? Choose the hotel located closest to the activities you’d like to try in the city. You’ll save yourself some time commuting to different parts of Toronto, with its characteristic congestion. Alternatively, plan to spend a night in a few different popular spots to get a little tour of the city!


3.    Visit Ripley’s Aquarium

As you prepare an itinerary for your family staycation, Ripley’s Aquarium should top the list. It’s a must-visit place for all families. Besides having some of the most beautiful fish in Canada, the aquarium has a spacious playground where your kids can play.

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4.    Explore St. Lawrence Market

If you’ve never had time to explore the famous St. Lawrence Market, you need to visit this place to find out what it offers. As one of the best food markets in the world, St. Lawrence Market has a vast range of foods, including the classic Toronto sandwich.

5.    Visit the Harbourfront Centre

The Harbourfront Centre is one of the leading centers for contemporary arts, culture, and recreational experiences. It usually hosts many fantastic activities, such as cultural festivals, creative workshops, dance performances, and DJ Skate Nights.


6.    Go Hiking in Your Neighbourhood

There are many hiking destinations in Toronto. You need to perform a quick search online to find the best places to explore in your area. Check for hiking trails, forests, and hills around you. Make sure you read the reviews of such sites before packing.
Some of the most popular hiking trails around the city include:

  • West Humber Recreational Trail
  • High Park
  • Moccasin Trail Park
  • Beltline Trail
  • Moore Park Ravine
  • Sherwood Park
  • Don River Valley Park

One of the highlights of living in Toronto is that these expansive green spaces are never too far away. Take advantage of them!

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7.    Visit the Nearest Park

You can go for picnics to the nearest parks in your neighborhood. Some of the family-friendly parks in Toronto include the High Park, Toronto Island Park, and the Edwards Gardens. Some of these parks have playgrounds where your kids can have fun as well.

8.    Go for a Day Trip

Going for day trips is an incredible staycation idea. You don’t have to book an overnight stay, helping you save on accommodation costs. After selecting the nearest places for your staycation, visit each of them daily while spending the nights in your home.
Some popular day trip locations near Toronto include:

  • Niagara Falls
  • Algonquin Provincial Park
  • Blue Mountain
  • Stratford
  • Gravenhurst

These spots are all well within a day’s drive (roundtrip) yet feel worlds away from Toronto’s dense urban core. Gravenhurst is a particularly popular spot where you can glimpse cottages and summer homes owned by some of Canada’s premier celebrities. You’ll also find lots of natural beauty via the landscape, so be sure to bring a camera!

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9.    Watch Movies

If you love watching movies, you can head out to any movie theatre within Toronto City and give your family an incredible treat. Thankfully, there are many movie theatres in Toronto. You can even reserve some D-Box seats for your family.
However, if you cannot afford a night-out at any movie theatre, you can turn your room into one. All you need to do is bring some snacks or food into the room and stay indoors to watch your favorite movies.

  1. Visit Toronto’s Many Great Cafés

You don’t have to travel across the Atlantic to enjoy a world-class café. There are many great spots to choose from right here in Toronto, including:

  • Versus Coffee at 70 Adelaide St E
  • Hale Coffee at 300 Campbell Avenue
  • Dineen Outpost 1042 Gerrard St E
  • Neo Coffee Bar at 161 Frederick St Unit 100
  • Café Pamenar at 307 Augusta Ave
  • Fahrenheit Coffee at 120 Lombard St

At these locations, you’ll find plenty of Instagram-worthy beverages. After you finish your drink, take a stroll nearby and enjoy some of Toronto’s quirkiest neighborhoods.

Final Words

Now that you know some of the best ideas that can make your staycation fantastic, it’s essential to plan for all the activities you’ll do. Prepare a budget that covers all the costs you’ll incur, including the entry fees for parks and other attractions. Also, don’t take out loans to fund your vacation. You need to stay on budget and be more creative.