Looking for a free WiFi hotspot that you can take advantage of? Whether you want to play an online game, check out your social media account, stream online music, or download large files to your mobile, it’s no denying that connecting to WiFi is essential.

Fortunately, here in the Philippines, you’ll never run out of free WiFi hotspots to find and connect with. Whether you’re at the mall, at a café, or anywhere else, you are sure to find yourself only a few clicks away from the internet.

Below, we have rounded up three of the most effective ways you can find free WiFi hotspots in the Philippines. Depending on which one appeals to you the most, you are free to follow any of these options. Excited to know each of them? Check them out!


Free WiFi Hotspots

Option #1: Be A Hotspot-Savvy

There are actually many free WiFi hotspots distributed across the country. However, not everyone is informed about which particular areas in which they can obtain free internet access. Because of this, many free WiFi hotspots are left undetected and untouched.

Knowing this, it’s best to be aware of the most common places that offer free internet access to anyone. From malls and bus stations to libraries and parks to even public squares, there is a lengthy list of locations you could check.

To do so, simply go to a place that you think is most likely to have free WiFi. Once you’re there, navigate to the setting on your phone. From there, look for the WiFi option, turn it on, and see whether your mobile device can detect open WiFi networks.


To make the challenge easier, when visiting cafes and libraries, WiFi signs can be seen in various places of the establishments. On the other hand, if you’re outdoors, try to look for possible free WiFi signs on posts, billboards, and public stations.

While connected to the internet, you could also grab the opportunity to search for a possible list of locations in the Philippines that offer Free WiFi hotspots.

Try to remember the names of the locations or keep the list in your mobile device, so that you can rely on it whenever you’re out from home and need instant access to the internet.

Option #2: Visit Starbucks, McDonald’s, Or The Apple Store.

If you find yourself in need of quick internet access, visiting the nearest Starbucks branch or McDonald’s will provide you the connection you are looking for.


However, on the downside, you might find yourself pressured on having to buy something from these establishments before you can enjoy their free WiFi hotspots.

The best bet, probably, is turning to the Apple Store. Unlike the other two, there is no pressure to buying anything. You can just stay there, relax, enjoy the air-conditioning, and connect to the open network available inside the store.

Option #3: Use A Free Hotspot Detection App

Of course, if you want to ditch the hit-and-miss pattern, you could simply rely on available mobile applications that specialize in detecting free WiFi hotspots.

Perhaps, among the best choices, is Instabridge. This app is free for both iOS and Android. You could also use WeFi Pro, but it is only available for Androids.

Through the said apps, you can get automatically connect your mobile devices with nearby networks and take advantage of free internet access right there and then.

Free WiFi Hotspots

The Bottom Line

Ready to enjoy internet access wherever, whenever? From being able to post the content you want to watching online videos to connecting with your friends via messaging platforms, there are a ton of perks that come with being connected to the internet.

Through the help of these three methods, you are sure to find the right free WiFi hotspot that is sure to bring you’re the freedom, fun, and flexibility you want while killing some time.