There’s a reason why many individuals dread traveling – and that’s generally because flying is involved. Apart from what some may consider a pretty nerve-racking experience, there’s nothing quite as uncomfortable as sitting upright in s hard seat for hours on end.

For most, this is one situation they don’t want to put themselves through, especially not on long-haul flights across countries or continents. Thankfully, there are airplane life hacks you can use to your advantage.

Besides giving you more comfort when you cruise through the clouds, these hacks make it easier for you to travel altogether. Who knows, a few more flights and you’ll get airplane travel down to a tee. So if you’re taking a trip anytime soon, take a look at some of the best airplane hacks we have compiled for you!


Book a morning flight

While booking a flight in the afternoon or at night seems inviting, it is actually safer and more comfortable to travel in the wee hours of the morning. Early morning flights are reportedly less turbulent compared to afternoon and evening flights, making for a smoother, more relaxed, and calmer travel experience. The National Severe Storms Laboratory also says that most thunderstorms happen in the afternoon, giving you a smooth sailing journey.

In addition to a less turbulent atmosphere, Forbes says that the skies are relatively clear as well, making it impervious to delayed departures and landings. The best part? Little to no crowds at the airports upon checking in and going through the immigration.

Use a blanket or jacket as lumbar support

Let’s face it, sitting on a rigid seat with little to no leg room can make our bodies suffer. The parts that suffer the most are our backs and necks. To prevent a tired and sore body at the end of your flight, it’s highly advised that you use lumbar support.


One way to easily provide extra lumbar support is by bringing a travel essential pillow or rolling up your jacket and blanket and putting this on the lower part of your seat.

A chiropractor for the 2016 Olympic Games, Dr. Norman Eng, told SmarterTravel that this gives much-needed support for the lower back region and the spine in general, something which airplane seats don’t have.

Elevate your legs

Cabin pressure is real and your legs and feet aren’t excluded. To prevent your feet from swelling up and hurting, elevating your legs for the duration of the trip is crucial to avoid swelling. Using your bag to elevate your feet or even a portable footrest is enough to do the trick.

Remember to kick your shoes off as well to keep them from restraining your feet. To supplement your experience, you might want to wear tight and cozy socks to compress your legs and feet.


Dress comfortably

Layering is key to traveling comfortably. Since the temperature inside the aircraft can be quite unpredictable, it’s best to opt for layers that can easily be added or removed when needed. Stretchy shirts and breathable materials, as well as anything cotton, will help you feel relaxed. Not to mention, these layers can also double as your neck or back support.

Avoid wearing tightfitting and scratchy clothes, such as jeans, belts, wool, or clothing that require tying up. Doing so might aggravate your experience even further. So pick comfortable clothes to travel with.

Choose the right seat

Picking the right seat makes all the difference. If you are a heavy sleeper, make sure to opt for the window seat to give you unhindered rest. Meanwhile, those who are taller and want more legroom might benefit from picking the aisle or front seats.

Incidentally, passengers who situate themselves in the back often get immediate service from the airline crew. Not only are they closer to the pantry, but the back also offers more reclining room.

The Bottom Line

Traveling via the sky doesn’t have to be bothersome. With these airplane life hacks, you can certainly look forward to your next trip and be your most comfortable self!