One important thing about booking an accommodation is to check its location. Will it be close to the top attractions? to the parks? to the monuments? and or a ride away to many top places? We don’t want to book and stay at a hotel that’s far away from the places we want to go, all we want is convenience. This is what Sparkle Hotel made our experience of, convenience.
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Sparkle Hotel is so convenient that we only walked less than a minute to get to Taipei 101, Taipei’s highest tower. This hotel s located just in front of Taipei 101 and a few attractions and must-visit places like Taipei World Trade Center, Taipei Xinyi Sports Center, Sanzhangli Park, Jingping Park, It’s location is also a few blocks away from Xiangshan Park, Elephant Mountain, Zhongshan Park, Guangfu Market, and National Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall.
Sparkle Hotel Taipei Review -

Sparkle Hotel Review & Experience

Since Sparkle Hotel is just in front of Taipei 101, we didn’t have a hard time looking for it. We were also quite early for check-in so we opted to visit Taipei 101 to claim our Taipei 101 Observatory Tickets with National Palace Museum tickets at the fifth level and left our bags at the front desk.
If you get quite confused where the entrance to the hotel is, it’s in front of the MRT Taipei 101 Station Exit 5 and it’s below MQ Social Bar and Grill. They even have an elevator for guests to use especially if you have huge pieces of luggage with you.Sparkle Hotel Taipei Review -

Check-In Experience

Check-in was swift. The front desk will greet you with delight, and as non-Chinese speaker guests, we didn’t have a rough time understanding their words so it was quick and easy. We handed over our passports and they checked their system if there was a booking for us. They told us that we will be staying in their Vogue O2 room. After confirmation, we asked if we could leave our baggage to which they are okay with.
Sparkle Hotel Taipei Review -
The hotel lobby and lounge are nice and neat. It has space for a bit of relaxation after a full day with self-service coffee and snacks, also with a mini library that serves as a division to the dining hall. One noticeable trait of Sparkle Hotel are the metal bubbles displayed on the walls which when struck with light, makes a spark. The hotel lives up to its name and I personally like it.
Speaking of the outside, they have a fountain and mini garden which is really capturing big attention when you go down to the hotel entrance, especially at night. Just see how enticing the display was based on the photos below.
Sparkle Hotel Taipei Review -


Vogue O2 Room

After getting back from our National Palace Tour (booked via KKday), we were escorted to our room, the Vogue O2 room. They also gave us a welcome treat, a box of Pineapple Cake from Sugar and Spice.
Seeing how the room’s aesthetics were, we were struck by delight. There was no room introduction from the attendant but there was no need for that. Sparkle Hotel says that this is a room with a taste of vogue, almost a minimalist interior design with a vertical garden outdoor fronting the bed which brings a quiet and laid back corner.
Sparkle Hotel Taipei Review -

The design, especially the bathroom and the wash area was quite similar to the first hotel we stayed in at Ximending. From the bathroom door to the famous Japanese toilet, it looks as if there’s only one person who designed the hotels. Above all, it’s still pleasing.

The Room We Loved

I love how the room and every piece of item in it were placed. Especially that when upon entry, a neat wash area can be found and across that area was the shower, bathtub, and toilet room. A water heater is readily available with complimentary bottles of water, a drawer where you can find the other kitchen and hygiene amenities, and most of all, the Italian SPA set and bath salt brand called Oliva del Mediterraneo. The slippers, the glasses, and the toothbrushes have contrasting colors to distinguish which item is which.

[hoops name=”InArticle”]A workplace desk was placed on the overhead of the bed that I find cute and conventional. It has a mini lamp and it’s where the telephone and room controls are placed.
Fronting the uber comfortable bed and sheets is the 39″ TV, night lamp, a photograph canvass of Taipei 101 on New Year’s fireworks and the outdoor vertical garden that’s truly relaxing. The design of the room especially when seeing the outdoor garden doesn’t feel like you are living in the city. It gives you an impression that greens are still better seen when you wake up than the streets of the city. It also relaxes your mind and eyes from the busyness of the world and everyday life.
Sparkle Hotel Taipei Review -
Noticeable enough are the metal beads placed on one side of the wall, it’s what the Sparkle Hotel is iconic for. These huge beads are surprisingly clean and not dusty. They also are clear and shiny that you can take a picture of your whole room from it due to its shape. They look like getting cleaned every day as the shine doesn’t fade away.

Features of the Vogue O2 room:

  • Panasonic 39″ LED TV
  • Hair Dryer
  • Cable/Satellite TV Channels
  • Washlet
  • Bathtub
  • Air Conditioning
  • IDD service
  • Complimentary High-Speed Internet Access
  • Safety Box
  • Shower Room
  • Bathrobes
  • Working Desk
  • Iron and Ironing Board (by request)
  • Slippers
  • Mineral Water
  • Glass screen with a vertical garden view
  • Hot and Cold shower

Sparkle Hotel Amenities and Facilities

Self-Service Laundry

Sparkle Hotel is one of the few hotels that offers free self-service laundry that is located at the end of the hall.
Sparkle Hotel Taipei Review -


Outdoor Vertical Garden

Sparkle Hotel Taipei Review - https://twobudgettravelers.comThe greens that you from the inside of your room. We didn’t opt to explore this area but there is a staff that maintains the garden’s natural beauty.
Free Hot and Cold Water
A water dispenser is near the laundry self-service area that serves you hot and cold water. You don’t need to buy water everytime from stores as they already provide it here.
Meeting Hall
If you need to conduct a meeting, a Meeting Hall is also available.
Sparkle Hotel Taipei Review -
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Buffet Breakfast at Sparkle Hotel

Don’t be confused about their breakfast area, it’s not within the hotel premises but above them.
Breakfasts are served at MQ Social Bar and Grill, just above the hotel.  We actually got confused about the directions because we first thought that the breakfast is being served right next to the front desk, but we were wrong. We have to ask another staff which he gladly showed the way.

The MQ Social serves western breakfast, meaning there only are a few choices for food but in a buffet style. On our two days breakfast servings, we had the same choices for food every day, nonetheless, it was good. We just wished that the menu isn’t the same every day.
The staffs were also dining in MQ Social so we wondered if they have been eating the same thing every single day.

MQ Social was a quiet bar and grill at daytime where you can just sit back and sip your drink without anyone bothering you. You can even play a cartridge game at one or two of their tables quietly, but boy they do transform when it’s night. They are also offering games with prizes for their patronizers. There was a Beer Pong tournament notice on our table and I think that was fun!

Why we love Sparkle Hotel

Overall, our stay at Sparkle Hotel was pleasant and productive as it is located nearby the MRT Taipei 101 Station and a short distance away from other famous spots. The room was neat, and beautifully made and the outdoor garden really adds up to a charming kind of view. It’s was really relaxing and it gives some kind of comfort.Sparkle Hotel Taipei Review -
The staff are all courteous and easy to talk to, they are also willing to give out answers as long as they could understand you.
They’ve also given us a huge favor. We left our huge bags after check-out as we will be heading to Wulai district for a night. We really don’t want to bring all our stuff for an overnight stay outside Taipei so this was a huge plus factor to us. Not only they are all courteous but trust-worthy as well. I will definitely be back to thank this hotel for the service they made us experience.

Sparkle Hotel

ADDRESS B1, No. 16, Sec 5, Xin Yi Rd, Xin Yi District, 11049 Taipei
PHONE +886 2 2723-0999
FAX +886 2 2758-8680


Sparkle Hotel Taipei Review -
Tourist Attraction Near Sparkle Hotel Taipei – National Dr. Sun TYat-Sen Memorial Hall

Tourist Attractions Near Sparkle Hotel

1. Taipei 101 – formerly known as the Taipei World Financial Center, is a supertall skyscraper in Xinyi District, Taipei. Its name was derived from the 101 floors of the building.
To gain access to the Taipei 101 Observatory Tower, you need Observatory Tickets. You can avail at their counter or thru online which are preferred because most of the tickets are discounted. Avail it here.
2. National Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall – also known as “National ‘Father of the Nation’ Memorial Hall”. The main entrance to the hall contains a statue of Sun Yat-sen. Every hour, there is a formal changing of the guards, which is a popular tourist attraction.
3. Zhongshan Park – located within the grounds of Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall.
4. Xiangshan Park – a huge recreational park that also serves as a path to the hiking trail going to Elephant Mountain.
5. Elephant Mountain – The best picturesque place to see the Taipei City is from the Elephant Mountain. The excellent time to hike the mountain is during the late afternoon, this way you can catch the sunset as well as a daytime view and stunning nighttime view of the city. Our experience to be posted soon.
6. Taipei World Trade Center – make sure to stop in here if there’s an event going on to score cheap and quality goods.
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Sparkle Hotel Taipei Review -


For hassle free tours and packages, we highly recommend booking with KKday and Klook. The list below is highly advisable to be experienced by first-time visitors in Taiwan.
1. KKday: Taipei City Sightseeing Bus Tour (₱ 472) (☆☆☆)
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3. KKday: Taiwan Northeast Coast Day Tour (₱ 1,690)  (☆☆☆☆☆)
4. KKday: Day Tour from Taipei: Jiufen Old Street, Golden Waterfall, and Bitou Cape (☆☆☆☆☆)
5. KKday: Day Tour from Taipei: Jiufen, Yehliu, and Shifen (₱ 1,749)  (☆☆☆☆☆)
6. KKday: Taipei Night Market Walking Tour  (₱ 874)   (☆☆☆)
7. Klook: National Palace & Shung Ye Museum (₱ 673) (☆☆☆☆)
8. Klook: TaipeiEYE Tickets (₱ 822)  (☆☆☆)
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11. Klook: Shifen Half-Day Guided Tour with Pingxi Sky Lantern Experience (₱ 2,535) (☆☆☆☆☆)
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Day Tour from Taipei

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Why avail from KKday? Their startup is based in Taiwan so they have the best partnership for their tours (and cheaper too!).

1. Day Tour from Taipei: Jiufen, Yehliu, and Shifen

Get to adventure and see for yourself the following: Jiufen Old Street, Yehliu Geopark, Shifen Old Street, Shifen Lantern, Shifen Waterfalls. Our comprehensive review on this day tour package from KKday to be posted soon. Book here.

2. Taiwan Northeast Coast Day Tour

This is the tour I’d really like to experience but due to the lack of time, we weren’t able to do this. I wish we could go back soon and experience the Northeast Coast of Taiwan. I’d like you to avail this for a different Taiwan experience. Book here.

3. Taipei City Sightseeing Bus Tour

Get to see the popular spots of Taipei with KKday sightseeing bus tour.  A cheap and easy way to enjoy the whole city and see the famous and latest attractions in town. Our comprehensive review and experience to be posted soon. Book here.

4. KKday Express Shuttle Bus: Taipei 101 Observation Deck – National Palace Museum

We availed of this for a hassle-free experience. It comes with tickets to the National Palace Museumand entrance tickets to Taipei 101 Observation Deck. See Taipei’s history and the whole city in a bird’s eye view. Our comprehensive review and experience to be posted soon. Book here.

5. Day Tour from Taipei or Hualien: Scenic East Coast Tour Through Jiufen

A different experience in Taipei. You should really try this as the east coast is more scenic. Book here.

Stay connected while in Taiwan

We availed the 5 Days Unlimited Data SIM Card for Taiwan via the Pinoy Traveler’s Unlimited Sim Card. Read our review and why we love this particular product sold in the Philippines. As a digital nomad, being connected all the time is my number one priority. REVIEW and HOW TO AVAIL.
Alternatively, you may opt to choose a WiFi device rental via Klook or KKday.

KKday: Taiwan Unlimited 4G Portable Wi-Fi Rental (₱ 139/day)

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