5 Ways to Sleep Cool While Traveling as a Side Sleeper


Traveling is fun, but it becomes extra tricky during the night or rest hours. Sometimes, it gets too hot while at other times, the weather is not convenient at all with cold creeping in at the slightest of chances. Other times, you find the beddings somewhat inconvenient giving you half-sleepless nights. Whereas this is the case for many tourists, it is important to note that heat is a common problem for a majority – whether sleeping indoors or outdoors and regardless of sleeping positions. Ways to Sleep Cool
5 Ways to Sleep Cool While Traveling as a Side Sleeper - https://twobudgettravelers.com
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Especially those who visit tropical areas; they might find it hard to adapt at night, with such differing temperatures from their homeland. As a result, uncomfortable nights pop up and hence, insufficient rest.

5 Ways to Sleep Cool While Traveling

Not to worry, however. There are half a gazillion ways you can keep cool without necessarily spending too much. These are simple home remedies that can be used even when camping in some dense forest. There is no limitation to their application. Nevertheless, they are best for hot sleepers and relate to the lot that sleeps on their sides – the right or the left. Experts recommend sleeping on the left side – if sleeping on the side at all – since it: alleviates acid reflux, improve blood circulation and digestion and drains toxins and lymph nodes.

1. Check on Your Eating Habits

If you don’t know this by now, you’ll do yourself justice to listen properly. The amounts of foods we eat go a long way to influence the metabolism and processes in our body. A heavy meal has a result of giving off large quantities of heat. This is most likely why people with a bigger body mass index and fat tend to always look for a way to cool themselves. You need to regulate the amounts of food taken, especially before bed. Your metabolism rate needs to be as low as possible if you are to generate little heat – light meals will make this possible.

2. Helping Tools

Having a fan in the room won’t hurt. In fact, it might just come along as the right aid to regulate the room temperatures. Make sure your room has one. If you are in a safe location, you could have your windows open all night long. Ways to Sleep Cool


3. Right Bed, Right Mattress

Some beds are uniquely designed such that their height levels can be adjusted. Lowering the beds closer to the floor is another simple technique you can apply. You might also opt to sleep on the floor with your mattress spread out. This is because floors generally tend to have temperatures lower than that of the room. Scientifically, as hot air rises, a cooling effect is left on the floor.
Just like there are beds designed for sleeping on a side, so are there mattresses designed to keep you cool. Reviews show that much credit is to be given to the type of mattress one sleeps on. There are some that won’t fit you at all as a hot side sleeper. Some layers and materials that will keep off the heat include latex, spring, gel, memory foam and bamboo.


4. Your Clothing

5 Ways to Sleep Cool While Traveling as a Side Sleeper - https://twobudgettravelers.com
You can’t have a sweater on top of a nightgown with inner clothing inside, and still, expect to be as cool as a cucumber. Wear loose clothing, and if possible, have your ‘birthday suit’ with you if your beddings and privacy allow it. Ways to Sleep Cool

5. Improvising

You might as well be smart and come up with your own methods. Bring a cold water bottle to bed to regulate the temperatures. You can also use a damp sheet and if it’s really hot, get out of bed and put those feet inside cold water. That should cool your nerves. Ways to Sleep Cool
There you have it – simple techniques to keep off the heat for side-sleeping travelers. Since the mission is to keep off the cold and still be comfortable, use as many ways as you can find for thermoregulation. Whatever best works for you, after all, your comfort is key.


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