Airfares can prove to be quite an expensive affair! But with the help of air miles, the sky-high cost can be cut down significantly and you can enjoy more money to spend during your vacation.
While ‘Air Miles’ is an inscrutable yet extremely lucrative currency that can massively aid your travel, it may seem like an uphill task to understand its working mechanism and reap the benefits.
However, with our insider tips, you can save a ton of money on traveling. Just sit back, relax and enter our world of air miles hacks to get the most out of your next trip!

1. Use frequent flyer programs

When it comes to the aviation industry, your loyalty to the airline can help you get innumerable perks. Depending upon the distance you cover and the class you book you can even get a free ticket to some destinations.
For instance, if you are frequently traveling with British Airways, then your air miles get credited to the British Airways Executive Club as a frequent flyer. Once you have enough miles you can redeem them and enjoy British Airways flights using the credited air miles.

2. Use credit cards

Signing up for a credit card that is associated with your frequent flyer program can help you travel the world using air miles. After a while, you can switch to Amex Rewards Gold which helps you convert travel points into air miles. Alternately, you can also rely on British Airways American Express and Virgin Atlantic Reward Mastercard.
However, it definitely takes some planning and strategy for using the points as air miles. The majority of airlines offer reward flights on a limited basis. So, keep an eye on the flights that you want to opt for and plan it all up in advance.


3. Buy air miles at a discount

You might encounter times when you are short of just a few thousand air miles to grab the reward you want. For instance, there might be situations when say you have 30,000 air miles but for a particular flight, you need at least 35,000 air miles.
In this kind of scenario, you can plan to buy those deficit air miles whenever you come across some discount offers. That way, you can also plan for your future trip and considerably save a whopping airfare.

4. Credit card bonus

If you are fortunate to have a premium credit card there are significant chances of you getting crazy deals for a retainer of slightly more than $4000 and a fee of say $100. Moreover, you can also get excellent air miles deals on some top of the tier cards provided you qualify and make the most of them.

5. Thoughtfully redeem the air miles

If you have air miles collected within a group of airlines, then instead of just a single airline, you can use them to choose an airline from an array of many domestic and international flights. In case you have MileagePlus miles then you can take flights of Lufthansa, Swiss, AirCanada to avail the miles.
So, you should meticulously check the flights and instead of spending those hard-earned air miles on domestic flights, you can plan an international trip.


Bonus Tip

A combination of the aforementioned tips would definitely work for you. And it’s only a matter of time before you work your way through the air miles management as if it is a cakewalk!