The first hotel we stayed in at Taiwan was WESTGATE Hotel Taipei. It’s located just a few meters away from the MRT Ximen Station and the famous Ximending Night Market.
Before we head to Taiwan, we already advised WESTGATE Hotel Taipei that we’ll be arriving in the morning so we will have to put our luggage in before check-in. One good thing about the hotel is that you can deposit your luggage early and leave it even after you have finished your stay.

WESTGATE Hotel Experience and Review

We basically arrived in the morning, checked in early, and left our luggage so we could visit other places before heading back. Later on this post, I will tell you the points of interest in Ximending and its neighborhood.
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Check-In and Check-out at Hotel

The check-in was basic and fast. You just have to show your passport and they’ll confirm your booking. Since we arrived earlier than our check-in time, they have allowed us to leave our luggage at their care so we can roam around the nearby spots in the hotel.
Their concierge personnel was accommodating and was always smiling making us feel more comfortable. The check-in personnel was also good at speaking English so we didn’t spend much time at the front desk. A security deposit of 2000 NTD is also required on checking-in. After shortly five minutes, we’re good to go.
Check-out was also a breeze. We just handed over the key and that was it. Of course, do not forget your security deposit to be released for you.

Facilities and Amenities


WESTGATE Hotel Taipei -
Lobby Area Aesthetics

WESTGATE Hotel Taipei offers elegance, art, and comfort.
With white, gold, and shiny black interiors, the hotel is definitely an eye-catcher. When you get to see what’s in the lobby, you’d be more in awe. High-ceiling with little flying chubby Buddha’s as a decor and a waiting area that’s fab. WESTGATE Hotel has 121 stylish yet cozy rooms that are perfect for a grandeur stay.


Unwind Bar & Restaurant

On the right side, Unwind Bar and Restaurant is situated. It offers an energizing breakfast buffet serving continental breakfast with a mix of Asian and Western cuisines, dishes, and desserts. The buffet breakfast is open from 7 AM until 10:30 AM.

WESTGATE Hotel Taipei -
Unwind Bar and Restaurant

When it’s high noon, you can still enjoy Unwind Bar and Restaurant via their selection of dishes in semi-buffet style. Prepare yourselves for a sumptuous lunch.
They also offer afternoon tea for guests. WESTGATE Hotel Taipei offers British style afternoon tea along with salads, sandwiches and various dessert pastries.
During the night, the Unwind Bar and Restaurant offers classic cocktails with a classic melody to help you sooth from the busyness of the day.

Fitness Center

WESTGATE Hotel Taipei -
Fitness Center

To keep their guests fit and healthy, a fitness center is located on the second level. It’s not a big room but is enough to keep yourself fit and strong.

Laundry Room

WESTGATE Hotel Taipei -
Laundry Room

This facility is totally free of charge and also an advantage in the hotel. Most of the hotels in the Philippines don’t offer free laundry or self-service laundry. However, with WESTGATE Hotel, you can absolutely do your laundry without additional costs. Just ask for soap at the front desk. The Ice dispenser is also located here.

Meeting Room and Business Center

WESTGATE Hotel Taipei -
Business Center

If ever you have important meetings that you need to hold, WESTGATE Hotel has one that can accommodate up to 12 people.
The Business Center is a quiet area where you can stay and rest or relax while sipping a cold drink or a hot coffee. You can access this area on the second level. You may use their computers or read a range of magazine and newspaper. You can also stay in this area if it’s not the time for your check-in yet.


Rooms at WESTGATE Hotel Taipei

There are plenty of room choices at this hotel that fits for your budget and comfort requirement. We had the privilege to see a few of these rooms. Check out their other rooms.

One of the most availed rooms is the Premier Room.

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WESTGATE Hotel Taipei -
Premier Room Wash Area

The Premier Room has a fashionable yet cozy ambiance perfect for a good night’s rest. It’s also stylish by the way the wash area and the mirror are positioned. The interiors also complement the floor and everything in it.
Similar to all other rooms, the shower and the toilet are separated. The toilets also are the famous Japanese toilets that have seat heater and water sprout for cleaning your bum.

The Grand Suite

The Grand Suite is where we stayed for the night and the experience was lovely. It definitely gave us a grand time. WESTGATE Hotel Taipei 

The Grand Suite boasts the following:

• Sony Bravia LED TV with cable channels
• DVD Player (you may ask for movies at the front desk)
• Mini Bar Counter
• Wired and Wireless Internet
• Electric Kettle
• Argan Shower and Bath set (these are my favorite)
• Nescafe Dolce Gusta Coffee Maker (coffee capsules are replaced every day)
• Separate Bath and Toilet (with bathtub and Japanese toilet)
• Safety deposit box
• Sofa set and workstation

WESTGATE Hotel Taipei -
Did you our CabinZero bag?

The room also comes with a nice view of the city and the Ximending Area which is best viewed at night.
I loved the wash area on our room as it has an ample amount of space to place more belongings on the countertop. The glasses and the toothbrushes are also a good shot in this hotel as you could distinguish which glass and toothbrush are which.

The ambiance on our room is totally a big plus, the night lights are relaxing which helped in giving us a good night sleep and rest. We did have a good sleep and woke up a little late the next morning but still enough to take our breakfast at the Unwind Bar and Restaurant.
Our bed is really large that we could still roll around the sheets and we’re in the bed. It’s also comfortable and the pillows are smooth that our heads are slowly digging into it. Sleeping was very comfortable and pleasant.


WESTGATE Hotel Taipei -
I personally loved the coffee maker machine not because it’s not common in our land but because I am a coffee lover and Nescafe Dolce Gusta capsules are also premium coffees in our place.

Ah, the Argan Source Shower and Bath set are totally lovely! The scent and the way it bubbles on your skin is so pleasing. It has a relaxing aroma that blends in as well. I’d like to pour more bottles on my tub to create more foam, it was really fun! I think we need more of this set! WESTGATE Hotel Taipei 

The Japanese toilet is so much fun and really innovative! There also are some welcome snacks and drinks waiting at the room.
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Buffet Breakfast and Welcome Dessert

When we checked-in at the hotel, we also have been given a VIP voucher to claim our Welcome Dessert at the Unwind Bar and Restaurant. As a guest checked-in at the Grand Suite, we are given the Welcome Dessert voucher and free breakfast.

WESTGATE Hotel Taipei -
Unwind Bar and Restaurant Breakfast Buffet

The buffet breakfast was, nonetheless, sumptuous at Unwind Bar and Restaurant. Jane had been craving for rice since the first day we step a foot in Taiwan and Unwind Bar and Restaurant gave her what she was craving for and Jane is the type of person who thinks that a complete meal should always have white rice.
Unwind Bar and Restaurant isn’t too big so when the tables are full, you will be required to wait until another one finishes their meal. However, that seldom happens as the staffs are well-accommodating and are making sure that everyone gets a table as soon as possible.

There are quite a number of dishes and cuisines in the table, with various choices for desserts as well. A complete meal you are looking for? Unwind Bar and Restaurant can definitely serve you that. We are thoroughly happy with the service.
WESTGATE Hotel Taipei -
WESTGATE Hotel Entrance

Our overall experience with WESTGATE Hotel Taipei was undeniably more than we could expect. We highly recommend staying here too for you to experience a grand time while having your vacation in Taipei, Taiwan. From breakfast to our room amenities, everything exceeded our conjectures. They also offer more services that you could read on their website.

WESTGATE Hotel Taipei

Address: No. 150, Section1, Zhonghua Road
Wanhua District
108 Taipei

Attractions near WESTGATE Hotel Taipei

Our stay wouldn’t be complete when there is nothing to see in the area. Here are nearby attractions that make WESTGATE Hotel one of the prime locations to stay when in Taipei.
1. Ximending Night Market – since the WESTGATE Hotel Taipei is located in Ximending area, you wouldn’t be able to miss the sparkling lights at Ximending Night Market. Just a few meters away and you’ll be in a different scene where it is livelier with the overwhelming crowd. This night market almost has it all, from fancy stuff to the delicious food offerings, almost everything you could think of, you could find here!
KKday offers a night market food tour – Taipei Night Market Walking Tour.

WESTGATE Hotel Taipei -
Ximending Night Market

2. The Red House – or also known as the Red House Theater, is a historical site located in Ximending. It was built in 1908 during the Japanese rule. It’s just across the other street from the hotel.
WESTGATE Hotel Taipei -
The Red House

3. Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall – located about 2 kilometers from the hotel and are two stations away from Ximen Station. To get there, ride the MRT Ximen Station (Green Line) and get off at Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall Station. WESTGATE Hotel Taipei 
4. Longshan Temple – one of the oldest temples in Taipei and just one station away from Ximending. It’s also one of the famous temples in Taiwan due to it being near the city center. To get there, ride MRT Ximen Station (Blue line) and get off at Longshan Temple Station.
WESTGATE Hotel Taipei -
Longshan Temple

5. Huaxi Night Market – located about 3 km from the hotel. The fastest way to get there is thru the Longshan Temple Station and walk a few hundred meters away.
WESTGATE Hotel Taipei -
Hua Xi Night Market

6. Bo Pi Liao Old Street – you can get here via a short walk from the Longshan Temple.
WESTGATE Hotel Taipei -
Bo Pi Liao Old Street

7. Watson’s Ximen Store – the largest Watson’s store I have ever seen. It’s known in the area because it’s the only Watson’s store with 4 floors of products and is located a few walks away from the hotel. You should check them out. WESTGATE Hotel Taipei 
WESTGATE Hotel Taipei -
Watson’s 4-storey shop in Ximending

8. 228 Peace Park – is a historic site and municipal park located near the hotel. The park contains memorials to victims of the February 28 Incident of 1947, including the Taipei 228 Memorial that stands at the center of the park and the Taipei 228 Memorial Museum.
WESTGATE Hotel Taipei -
228 Peace Park

9. Taipei Provincial City God Temple – The Temple is conveniently located at Wuchang Street, very close Taipei Main Station and Ximending. Opposite the Temple is a market area where you can try the beef noodles in town.
WESTGATE Hotel Taipei -
Taipei Provincial City God Temple

10. National Taiwan Museum – Established in 1908, the museum is the oldest in Taiwan. Short walk from 228 Peace Park.
WESTGATE Hotel Taipei -
National Taiwan Museum

Day Tour from Taipei

Travel Hack # 1: While we’re checked in at WESTGATE Hotel, we didn’t miss the opportunity to check for experiences outside Taipei. We availed of the following while we were in Taiwan via KKday.

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Why avail from KKday? Their startup is based in Taiwan so they have the best partnership for their tours (and cheaper too!).

1. Taipei City Sightseeing Bus Tour

Get to see the popular spots of Taipei with KKday sightseeing bus tour.  A cheap and easy way to enjoy the whole city and see the famous and latest attractions in town. Our comprehensive review and experience to be posted soon. Book here.

2. Day Tour from Taipei: Jiufen, Yehliu, and Shifen

Get to adventure and see for yourself the following: Jiufen Old Street, Yehliu Geopark, Shifen Old Street, Shifen Lantern, Shifen Waterfalls. Our comprehensive review on this day tour package from KKday to be posted soon. Book here.

3. Taiwan Northeast Coast Day Tour

This is the tour I’d really like to experience but due to the lack of time, we weren’t able to do this. I wish we could go back soon and experience the Northeast Coast of Taiwan. I’d like you to avail this for a different Taiwan experience. Book here.

4. KKday Express Shuttle Bus: Taipei 101 Observation Deck – National Palace Museum

We availed of this for a hassle-free experience. It comes with tickets to the National Palace Museum and entrance tickets to Taipei 101 Observation Deck. See Taipei’s history and the whole city in a bird’s eye view. Our comprehensive review and experience to be posted soon. Book here.

Other KKday discounted offerings you might wanna book:

• Private Day Tour from Taipei: Northern Taiwan
• Discounted Taiwan High-Speed Rail Ticket from Taipei
• Leofoo Village Theme Park Admission Ticket
• KKday Express Shuttle Bus: Taipei 101 Observation Deck – National Palace Museum
• Day Tour from Taichung: Sun Moon Lake Adventure
• Taiwan Unlimited 4G Portable Wi-Fi Rental ((₱139/day)

Other KKday discounted offering to check: 

Best things to do in Taipei
National Palace Museum E-Ticket
Taipei 101 Observatory Priority Pass Ticket
National Palace & Shung Ye Museum
Taipei Double Decker Bus Tour
Jiufen, Shifen and Keelung Miaokow Night Market Shuttle Bus from Ximen
Shifen Half-Day Guided Tour with Pingxi Sky Lantern Experience
Yehliu Geopark Shuttle Bus from Ximen
4G WiFi (TW Airport Pick Up) for Taiwan 
3 Day THSR Tourist Pass


Our Taiwan trip wouldn’t be complete without getting connected all the time to the internet, hence, I’d also like to recommend buying your unlimited Data Sim Card with Pinoy Traveler’s Unlimited Data SIM Card. For ₱550, you get to enjoy unlimited data service (4G/LTE) in any part of Taiwan with speeds of up to 100mbps for 5 days! Read our review of this sim card.
We totally love this product as it is cheaper but better!
Connect with them thru their FB Page. See screenshot of the speed test results below.

Pinoy Traveler's Unlimited Data Sim - Taiwan Sim
Speedtest Result in Taipei


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