Thinking of possible ways to save while on a trip? For frequent travelers, nothing suggests an ideal jackpot other than scoring significant travel discounts. From saving considerable costs on fares, hotels, to dining, there comes a ton of things to look forward to when traveling at a discounted rate.

Fortunately, aside from banks and airlines, travelers can now also secure discounts when booking through travel agencies like AAA Travel. If you’re serious about wanting to cut off your travel budget but still want to ensure a convenient and memorable trip. Turning to AAA and other agencies might grant you want exactly you’re wishing for.

To help you fulfill that, here is a guide on how to access travel discounts with AAA and other memberships. To secure a cost-friendly yet quality trip with your loved ones this season. Can’t wait to know each one? Read on.


How to Access Travel Discounts

AAA Membership Travel Discounts

Operating as a roadside assistance provider for more than a century. The American Automobile Association, or AAA (“Triple A”), comes as a reliable firm you could turn to. Aside from offering free towing, spare tire replacement, to many more. AAA also provides its members with impressive travel deals and discounts.

Specifically, loyal members can enjoy discounted nightly rates when booking at hotels that are part of AAA’s travel partners. Among these include Best Western, Hilton, Hyatt, Marriott, and many others.

Aside from that, members can also avail discounted gift cards when dining at any restaurant available at Among these include a 10% off at Dave & Busters, up to 30% off on selected Papa John’s pizzas, and 10% discount on Hard Rock Café.


To add up to the hype, some members are also promised with cruising discounts, travel insurance, and even discounted tickets and admission packages to a ton of entertainment brands.

To access these privileges, you’ll only need to become a member of AAA. To fulfil that, you’ll only need to visit the firm’s official site and provide your Home ZIP/postal code to access your local club’s website. From there, you can click Join Now and choose your preferred membership plan. You will then be asked to provide your contact information, as well as payment information to complete the process.

Traveloka Membership Travel Discounts

Another travel agency you could check out when looking for travel deals and discounts is none other than Traveloka. Similar to AAA, members of Traveloka enjoy a range of exclusive benefits. That promise exciting travel discounts and more convenience during trips.

Aside form the promise of easy refund and reschedule, as well as consistent price alerts. Loyal Traveloka members are also provided with member-only deals, including discounts for their next flight and hotel bookings.


To add up to the hype, members can also redeem their points to avail discounts that may grant them free tickets and hotel stays.

To become a member, interested individuals may simply visit the Traveloka site. And click the “Register” button located at the upper part of the screen.

Expedia Membership Travel Discounts

Last but not the least, Expedia comes as another remarkable travel agency that lets you go on your dream travel without the need to hurt your pocket.

Operating as a travel technology company, Expedia provides its members with discounted hotel prices, free perks at VIP Access hotels, and the ability to earn points on hotels, packages, and many others.

To apply, interested customers may join for free by visiting Expedia’s site and clicking the “Join Now” button.

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The Bottom Line

Can’t wait to visit your dream travel destinations? Who says you need to break the bank just to ensure a quality and memorable trip this season? By applying to the right agency, you are sure to enjoy tons of travel discounts that will help make your vacations extra memorable.

Check out these membership offers today!