Whenever every person is burnt out or just simply needs a break in life, work, and everything, staycation comes to mind. Believe me, millennials today would rather go waste their energies on something good rather than act badly because of life issues. Staycation comes to mind which helps us to destress and rediscover at least once in a while.
For us couples, we would always love to be at the side of our loved ones, hence, a staycation or short vacation is really a necessary thing to do, to talk things out, to bond, and all. While we are looking for great hotels near Manila’s reach, we stumbled upon Zen Room’s Selah Garden Hotel and is only located in the heart of Pasay City.
Good news is, we got it for less than 20% off via Zen Rooms. Selah Garden Hotel

Selah Garden Hotel

Located in the heart of Pasay City and in front of Park Avenue Suites, Selah Garden Hotel is like an oasis in the city. We never thought there would be something like this in this area of the city.
Not only it offers great room selections and pool amenities, but it also has an adventure team building facility, the High Rope Challenge (which was covered from our previous blog).
Previously, there also are SCUBA Diving lessons here but I am not sure if they are still operating it on the hotel. We also had a diving class session when we stayed previously with Certified RAID instructors.

Infinity Pool

selah-garden-hotel-in-pasay-staycation-via-zen-rooms selah-garden-hotel-in-pasay-staycation-via-zen-rooms
One of the best highlights of this hotel is their Infinity Pool that is located at the middle of the area. It’s also a flowing pool surrounded by Coi and Gold Fish.


High Rope Challenge

Approach the front desk if you want to avail the High Rope Challenges by Selah Garden Hotel. Many team-building activities have been held in this area. Zipline is included.

Tabla Restaurant

Every morning, the buffet is served at the Tabla Restaurant. You may order delicious Filipino cuisines in this beautiful restaurant overlooking the pool.
selah-garden-hotel-in-pasay-staycation-via-zen-rooms selah-garden-hotel-in-pasay-staycation-via-zen-rooms selah-garden-hotel-in-pasay-staycation-via-zen-rooms selah-garden-hotel-in-pasay-staycation-via-zen-rooms

How to Book Selah Garden Hotel via Zen Rooms with Discount

  1. Go to Selah Garden Hotel
  2. Search for “Selah” or “Selah Garden” and adjust your preferred date.
  3. Use the voucher code: THEJERNY for 20% discount. (Applicable to all zenrooms properties).
  4. Check Out and Confirm Booking.
  5. Pay using your Debit/Credit card, thru Online Banking, thru the Supermarket, or thru a Local Bank. There also are properties that have Pay at Hotel option. You will receive an email confirmation for your booking and further instructions from the Zen Rooms team if required.REMEMBER: You can use our 20% discount code: – THEJERNY – to all ZEN Rooms properties in the Philippines and across Asia where there are Zen Rooms! Budget accommodation is everywhere with Zen Rooms!

Sample Price for Selah Garden Hotel with Discount Code


How to Get to Selah Garden Hotel

  1. DIRECT: From Pasay Rotonda (MRT/LRT Stations), take a tricycle going to Selah Garden Hotel.
  2. From EDSA Taft Highway, turn right to Park Ave street. Selah Garden Hotel is at the corner of Ignacio Street.
  3. You may opt to use Waze or Grab in order to get to the hotel. Selah Garden Hotel


ZEN Premium Selah Garden Pasay – Triple Room– as low as P 1935.00/night 
ZEN Premium Selah Garden Pasay – Loft  – as low as P 2111.00/night 
See more rooms at the Zen Rooms website.

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