When I went on a backpacking trip for my birthday, Agoda was one of the websites I know to get good accommodation. Since I will go to Kuala Lumpur for backpacking (check out 5000 Pesos Challenge), the choices for me would be the best but cheap hostels for backpackers.
I have another review for the second hostel I stayed in – Agosto Guesthouse.
Backpackers Travellers Inn -
I found Backpacker Travelers Inn, located in middle Chinatown. Here’s my review and experience in the hostel as I have stayed 2 nights in here.

The Location

The location’s easy to manage. With the help of GPS and an offline app, I was able to navigate swiftly to the place from Pudu Sentral. It’s like walking for only a hundred meters from the station to the hostel. You can also ask people and they will tell you the location as it’s a pretty popular and cheap hostel for backpackers.
Head over to Jalan Sultan (street name) and when you see Swiss Inn, in front of that is the Backpackers Travellers Inn.

The Hostel and its Facilities

I booked 2 nights stay on a Fan room. Little did I know, the air from the fan wouldn’t help me keep cool for long especially when it’s turned off. It was scorching hot in Malaysia during my visit and the air was very humid. Even in the morning, the hot air fills the city. But that won’t stop me from moving.
Arriving during the night, it was nice of them to have someone at the front desk. From the front desk, they checked my documents (booking confirmation, passport) and when everything else was verified, they gave me the keys to my room.
The rooms on the second floor are all fan rooms, the air-conditioned ones are stationed on the third floor. The hall looks a little creepy because probably of the old paint job and poor lighting, but nonetheless, is safe. The comfort room/area is located one more room before mine so it’s easy to come and go. Two comfort rooms are available and there’s also a hot and cold shower.
On the top floor, a rooftop bar was established. Also managed by the hostel, but most visitors are those who are checked-in. Atun, the sweet lady who cooks and mans the restaurant was friendly enough to chat with me and was ready to answer all my inquiries.
A common area is also available but there were not much visitors during my stay. There in the area was a television, a DVD player for movie watching, hot and cold water for drinking, and the lockers.
Backpackers Travellers Inn -


The Fan Room

Entering the fan room, humid air welcomed me. As I switched the fan on, the humid air dissipated and at least I could feel cold wind somehow! There was only a bed with two pillows, a fan and a mirror inside the room. No drawers, no towels, no safety box inside. A blanket isn’t readily available so you have to ask from the front desk to get one. A towel will cost you RM 16. Yep, they’re not free.
A blanket isn’t readily available so you have to ask from the front desk to get one. A towel will cost you RM 16. Yep, they’re not free.
The fan rooms aren’t too fancy at all. It’s plain and simple, with some small cracks on the walls, but as a backpacker, it was never a big deal. I immediately put my things down on the double sized bed and laid down.

The Hostel Service

The front desk is 24hrs available in shifting schedule. Beers and other beverages can be bought via the front desk too.
Backpackers Travellers Inn -
There is one thing that backpackers loved about the place, their Internet! It’s a whopping 20 Mbps fast connection (maybe they have already upgraded bandwidth by now), basically, everything that you would need for your job or simply, cloud needs.
Rooftop Bar is a good place to drink and dine too! According to them, they have the lowest priced beers/drinks. 🙂

The Verdict on Backpackers Travellers Inn

Overall stay was pleasant. If you need a quiet place and a nice quiet sleep, Backpackers Travellers Inn wasn’t bad at all. They have staff available 24 hours. Questions were all entertained. The internet connection was fast! Water is always available. Plenty of rooms. Friendly neighborhood. Hot and cold shower. The Rooftop Bar is cool!
For a place to just bathe, sleep, have a little chat and use the internet, this hostel is good for you!




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