After the Pawikan Festival 2018, we also had the chance to visit one of the newly established cafes in Bataan named Exhibit C.
Exhibit C is the first Art Cafe in Balanga, Bataan that caters people in all walks of life. This art cafe supports local artists by exhibiting their works of art in the cafe for sale. Local singers and bands are also benefiting from the advocacy of this cafe.

Why Exhibit C is a must-visit cafe?

1. Instagram-worthy Interiors

Because the main proprietors of the cafe are creative people, they came up with the idea of having a cafe that’s not only giving you stomach-full dishes but also an aesthetic that’s pleasing to the eyes. Perfect for your Instagram posts (especially for the millennials!)

2. Affordability of Food

A cafe is not only for coffee, but also to serve as a venue for people who’d like to spend some time with friends while taking up some food. Their menu is quite exquisite and unimaginably affordable.


3. Serves sumptuous meals

One of the traits a cafe should have is the unique taste of the food. How each is different that will make you come back for another treat. Exhibit C not only made their food serving generous but the taste will make you go ask for more. Their food is really, really good!

4. Supports Local Artists

If you have been to the cafe, you’d find sketches, paintings, and art in every corner of the room. For instance, the chair where every people is looking to have a picture with is a project of the owner’s students. The paintings and sketches displayed in the walls are also for sale. If you have a good taste at art, you will definitely look forward to buying one of the frames there.
As Exhibit C cafe supports all types of arts, they also support local singers and bands. Every week, there is a scheduled band or singer to perform at the cafe. Not only that, but they also support spoken poetry. Make time to visit one day for each performance and appreciate the beauty and greatness of local talents.

5. Unique Cafe in Bataan

Exhibit C Cafe is one of the unique cafes in Bataan that are a must-visit and this has been the most viewed restaurant in Bataan Tourism’s website. When you visit Bataan for any occasion, do not miss visiting one of the most unique cafes in the area!


How to get to Exhibit C

From Roman Hiway, get off at Unioil and get a tricycle going to the Balanga Public Market.
Tell the tricycle driver to drop you at the front of Tagles Village Diamond Street/ before Guadalupe Chapel


Balanga, Bataan
0977 381 0192
Facebook Page



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