5D4N Japan Itinerary: Osaka & Kyoto | PHP 21,000 ALL-IN | Budget Travel Guide

This was our most awaited trip, Japan! We were very excited since this is the very first international flight we will ever have. The enthusiasm, the eagerness, we are so stoked for this moment. We will get to see castles, temples, shrines, and other things we only get to see in anime. We will get to hear Japanese people talk everywhere, how their culture was like or how they will act around foreign people.

One highlight of this trip is our trip to Kinosaki Onsen. A town that is famous for their old style homes and hot springs! Yes, my friend, Kinosaki is a Hot Spring town and most people are wearing Yukatas or Kimono! Wow! Book your Kimono / Yukata’s here.pan itinerary


But anyway, let’s skip with the formalities. Here’s a more detailed and arranged presentation of when and where were we in Japan and how much did it cost, well, for me. I managed to spend a little less on my Japan trip and I had not known anyone before even getting there.

So yeah, basically, there was no free accommodation, no free meals and no free tour and tour guide for us. We did this all by ourselves, booked our accommodation, looked for places to go, ate whenever and whatever we want and stuff you could only do when no one knows you in the vicinity.  Japan 5D4N itinerary


Here’s an advice, if you are going to other countries and you are quite the backpacker, might as well pack some food from your origin country. This will help you save up on your food expenses. We didn’t bring any food from PH so it’s a real hard choice for us on what to eat and where. If we have brought food, expenses would have been lower. 😉 Japan 5D4N itinerary

How did I manage it? Check our complete Japan 5D4N itinerary and expenses below! japan itinerary

Japan Itinerary -
How I Spent only 21,000 for a 5D4N Trip to Japan

This was when PHP to JPY was 0.38
Shopping/pasalubong expenses excluded.
Only for Osaka and Kyoto area.
This only accounts for me.

See? Return ticket flight, visa processing fee and accommodations were already included in the list and the total cost is less than 21,000 Php ($450+)! Japan 5D4N itinerary


How did we get the cheap flight?

Simple. Wait for promo fares. This was a promo fare from Cebu Pacific where Japan and other international destinations were just 1,000 Php per way. We booked 9 months before the actual flight date. The longer the date, the cheaper the flight fare. 😉 This applies to all destinations if there are promos. japan itinerary

So in this article, my shopping expenses aren’t included. But I wouldn’t want to tell you that the chocolate prices in this country are very CHEAP! Your 380 Php (depends on the exchange rates) can buy 3 packs or so of chocolate! Choose the best, but everything was just so delicious and you can’t resist if you love chocolates that much.

I also would like to advise you guys, we had enjoyed Japan in a span of 5 days but I’m sure we would have enjoyed more if we stayed a little longer, yeah, like 2 weeks! And uhm, do not restrict your budget to 21,000 Php! Why? You’ll be somehow restricting yourself from the great foods and cuisines that are presented on the table! 21k is the basic budget on our itinerary to enjoy our 5D4N stay in the country. 🙂 So get your luggage ready and spend two weeks (or more!) in this awesome country! Japan 5D4N itinerary

Other things to Do in Osaka / Kyoto

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