Last year, when the traveling scene was in full bloom, everyone was so excited to go out, have fun, and enjoy life at its fullest. The year 2019 was one of the best years to celebrate life.
Today, since the start of the spread of novel coronavirus, many establishments, businesses, and jobs have been thoroughly affected. Travel was one of the most hit industries during the year 2020 affecting hotels and travel agencies.
Everyone tries to stay at their homes to keep themselves safe as much as possible. Most governments have imposed home quarantine, and travel restrictions, and bans to the most affected countries hit by the virus.

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But then again, everyone is itching to start a new year of adventure especially once the virus is all controlled and gone but with lesser contact with the crowd.
Here are some of the countries you would want to visit once everything is back to normal again. Getting a visa processed to these countries became relatively easier because the new normal prefers contactless transactions.


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Who else doesn’t want to see the gorgeous Niagara Falls and all the beautiful lakes of the land?
Canada has been tagged as one of the safest countries to travel to and to migrate to. Their healthcare is system is one of the top-notch in the world. They have spectacular, modern, and multicultural cities and almost everything in between.
A number of outdoor activities are also one of the many reasons one should travel to Canada. Some of the most popular outdoor activities in Canada are skiing, camping, snowboarding, climbing, golfing, fishing, hiking, mountain biking, canoeing, and kayaking.
Canada is also a famous “northern” destination. Spring, summer, and autumn have their own charms and add to Canada’s appeal. While most of the time Canadians take a vacation during the winter, tourists, snow lovers, and winter enthusiasts are coming in.

New Zealand

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New Zealand’s scenery is unreal. It is a stunning, clean, green, natural playground which why most of the tourists prefer to see.
One of the main reasons people absolutely love going to New Zealand is because of the movie, Lord of the Rings. It’s just as stunning as it looked in the films.
This country is also one of the best places in the whole world for stargazing, due to the lack of light pollution and very little population. It’s a night photography haven loved by the astrophotographers.
New Zealanders, or “kiwis” as they are known, are laid back, friendly, and always up for a great adventure. One of the amazing aspects of traveling to this country is how wonderful the people are. The food and wine are great too! Many travelers say this is what makes New Zealand special.



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Ah, the land down under. Australia also is one of the most sought-after destinations, especially after the pandemic. Though remotely located to the farthest side of the world, many people aspire to come to this country because of its magnificent natural wonders and beautiful cities.
Many amazing adventure opportunities await those who would want to travel to this country. Whether you choose to explore the country’s outback wilderness, snorkel the Great Barrier Reef, surf along its incredibly diverse coastlines, or try something in between, you will certainly be spoiled for choices in this one heck adrenaline-pumping destination.
According to the people who traveled to Australia, the best time to visit is from September to October where it’s still warm enough to hit the beaches and cold enough to visit the other areas even when walking.


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One of the best countries to visit in Asia especially for their famous Cafe Sua Da. Vietnam is full of ancient buildings too, much awesome food, and beer traditions, and natural wonders that the 20th century’s wars couldn’t just erase.
The local culture of Vietnam is also one of the most unique in Asia having been influenced by France and China. The structures are of the old french colonial era and religious temples influenced by China.
While Thailand and the Philippines are known to have the best white beaches, Vietnam’s beaches are far less acknowledged. Mountains are definitely one of the best scenes you can get that attracts not only local hikers but also leisure travelers.
One last thing, Vietnam is cheap! One of the many reasons why travelers are excited to get to Vietnam is because of the low cost. Imagine living for only less than $5 a day, you definitely will have the best time of your life.


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Historical and archaeological sites are one of the main reasons why people go to Turkey. Being one of the countries in the center of the world has pros and cons and that’s where Turkey comes in. Up until today, Turkey is considered a country where Asian and European culture collides.
Food, nonetheless, is also why travelers are excited to visit this Euro-Asian country. From famous cuisines to exotic ones, Turkey will never cease to give you an ultimate foodgasm. Turkish street food also is one of a kind and when you get there, do not forget to taste the Turkish Tea and Coffee.
If you also are into shopping, the street and night markets in Turkey are the best for you. From colorful rugs and carpets to authentic gifts and kilims, the Turkish Street Market is the place to go.
These five countries are definitely worth visiting once international travel and flight restrictions are lifted and when people are able to travel once again without the fear of contracting the virus and getting infected.
Even so, even when we think everything is back to normal, let’s make sure to always wash our hands and disinfect whenever we can so safety is assured whenever traveling.