Learning does not exclusively happen at school. Acquiring knowledge also occurs at home through everyday interactions with family members, consuming educational materials, and other similar activities. You can also play Kahoot! to learn at home.

While everyday learning is a good thing, it cannot cover important subjects and grade-level appropriate topics, as with curriculum-based education. Now, you might be wondering how your child can pursue such learning when you are stuck at home.

The best solution to this problem is to play Kahoot! If you are not familiar with this platform, you might want to check it out. Here’s what you need to know.


Play Kahoot Platform to Learn with Fun at Home

What Is Kahoot?

To put it simply, Kahoot! is a platform that facilitates learning through games. It creates a fun and exciting environment for learners, allowing them to acquire knowledge while playing educational games.

Lessons come in various forms such as brain teasers, quizzes, and trivia.

It is available on Android and iOS devices. If your family is stuck at home, you can avail of the Basic plan, which lets you host Kahoot’s in-person or via video with a maximum of 10 players. Home and business plans range from $10 to $40 per month.


5 Key Features Kahoot! Has To Offer

If you are interested in using Kahoot! to continue your child’s educational experience, it is not enough that you know what this platform is. You might be curious about what makes it special. Check out the key features of this application below.

  • Content Created By Teachers

The most important thing about Kahoot! is that teachers use this in their classrooms. This means that even educators see this platform as a valuable addition to their teaching methods.

More than this, it means that these professionals participate in the community.

This app lets teachers and students create their own games and adds them to the system. Because of this, you can expect that a lot of these games were designed according to or to complement the creator’s school curriculum.

  • It Is Dynamic

This platform can house a lot of subject matters, from mathematics and science to English and history. With this, you can help your child learn holistically instead of focusing on one subject.

One great thing about this app is that it is available in different languages. This way, you can help your child learn in your native language or a language used at school. You can even take this opportunity to aid your child’s multilingual learning.

  • Interactive Learning

What makes school an essential experience is not only rooted in the education children acquire but also in the environment and setting. In a classroom setting, children get to interact with kids their age, with supervision from educators.

However, being stuck at home means that your child or children may not be able to socialize with other kids. This is where Kahoot! excels. This platform lets you host gameshows via video conferencing.

This gives them the chance to interact with their classmates and friends, thus, helping them further develop their interpersonal skills. You can also host offline game shows or let your child create their own games.

  • Students Can Study Anytime, Anywhere

While home and online game shows offer an interactive experience, you may not always have the time to host one. When this happens, worry not because you can let your kid continue using the app using their own device.

This gives them the flexibility to study in any part of the house whenever they feel like it. However, you can make a point to designate specific schedules for using the game-based learning app to create a sense of structure.

  • Personalized Learning

This application lets you choose the games your child can play. When you choose a game under a specific category, the app will give you recommendations that can help further your child’s progress.

This way, you can concentrate on areas of improvement, while also having the option to explore other subjects and topics.

play Kahoot Platform

The Bottom Line

Learning does not stop just because you are stuck at home. When you play Kahoot! you can encourage your kid to learn while having fun. So, make it a point to check out this platform. This way, your child is at the top of their game once school resumes.