These days, Instagram reigns as one of the most-used social media platforms around the globe. With its ability to display pictures and highlight breath-taking destinations, there’s a reason why it’s at the top of  everyone’s go-to apps today. At the core of this program is taking the most perfect travel photos – and with Flytographer, you surely can.

People travel the world to see different places and to experience different cultures. While almost everyone can take a snapshot to remember the place, not everyone is adept at handling professional cameras or even knowledgeable about different camera settings. This is why hiring a professional to document your travel is a benefit.

Want to capture all the best moments and find the most IG-worthy locations? Check out what Flytographer has to offer you on trips. Take a look below.


Flytographer – Capture IG-Worthy Travel

What Is Flytographer?

Flytographer is a type of program that pairs you with an experienced local photographer based on the city or country you’re going to. Starting at $250 per hour, individuals can have their photos taken at some of the most jaw-dropping sights of the city.

How Flytographer Works

Thinking about working with Flytographer for your next trip? Here’s how this service works.

• Shoot the company a message about the area you’re traveling to and the dates you intend to visit.


• Wait for the company to respond. You’ll be given a heads up if your preferred photographer and dates are not available.

• If you are happy with the date and photographer, proceed with your booking and make the confirmation.

• Once you have reserved your slot, you’ll be asked to fill in the necessary details. These normally includes the type of shoot you’re going for, the theme, and even some locations you wish to visit. You’ll also be asked to choose the package you wish to avail.

• After laying out the details, the Flytographer team will provide a list of recommendations from your assigned photographer. Such tips usually include routes, plans, as well as the time you’ll be meeting with your designated photographer in order to get the best lighting and coverage for your shoot.


• Next, you’ll be asked to finalize and confirm the details of your shoot. After confirming, you will get access to the summary of the session as well as the contact number of your photographer.

• On the shooting day, you will be required to come in at least 10 minutes prior to your arrangement to go over details of the shoot. After five days, digital copies of your shoot will be sent to your email or your inbox.

Tips For Getting IG-Worthy Travel Pictures

• Go Early In The Day

When you’re traveling, chances are you’re most likely to visit locations that are highly congested and in-demand. This makes it difficult to get the shot you wish to have, especially when there are tons of people in the background.

To prevent this from becoming an issue, make sure to wake up super early and get to the location as early as you can. This way, you can take your time capturing the beauty of the location without the crowds. Not to mention, the early morning rays of the sun give you the perfect glow.

• Wear A Complementary Color Palette

Apart from showcasing the magnificence of the place, most of you would like to share your outfit details as well. To pair well with the sceneries and locations you will be visiting, it’s best to research more about the place and find outfits that complement the scenery.

For example, if you’re going to Cuba, make sure to wear a solid-hued outfit that pops against the vibrant colors of the buildings. Strong reds, oranges, and even teals and blues would definitely allow you to stand out against the old-world charm that the place has to offer.

• Have Fun And Communicate With Your Flytographer

Above all else, don’t forget to have fun. Take in the glory and the beauty of the place and be truly yourself. Nothing spells awkward and disastrous like trying out something you’re not comfortable with. If you are going for a certain look or feel, don’t hesitate to let your photographer know. They can help your vision come to life.

Flytographer – How to Capture IG-Worthy Pics


Whether you’re going on a trip with your gal pals or proposing to the love of your life, capturing these memories should be a priority. So, with the help of Flytographer, you can get IG-worthy photos each and every time.