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CabinZero is a result of the development by a fellow traveler who got enlivened by his experiences and built these delightful cabin-sized carry-on backpacks.
Neil Varden, Cabin Zero’s owner, and frequent traveler required a backpack that could be sturdy, elegant and handy while trekking, traveling or for a weekend getaway. During 1993, if a person had to travel to some place, they had to restrict their luggage to avoid extra charges by the airlines charged on the checked-in luggage. Thus, Neil developed this idea of CabinZero backpacks which are an ideal solution to meet all travel needs.

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CabinZero Review -

8 Reasons Why You Should Totally Buy a CabinZero bag for your next trip

1. CabinZero is officially accepted at airlines

CabinZero is designed particularly in keeping the airlines’ standard requirement in mind to avoid restrictions on size, weight and hidden costs. This spacious backpack has several compartments to store your necessary stuff and the most important advantage of this while traveling is it cuts down the waiting time for your checked luggage to come out at the carousel. cabinzero review


2. Inbuilt tracking feature

CabinZero has tied up with Okoban to provide an inbuilt tracking feature in all its backpacks. This feature would enable you to find your lost or stolen luggage with the help of bag’s unique identification code.

3. 25 years of warranty on all products

The most important advantage of CabinZero backpack is they offer 25 years warranty (!!!) on all their products. In addition to this, the backpacks are trivial, long-lasting, robust, and offer padded shoulder straps for extra ease and comfort.

CabinZero Review -

4. CabinZero bag is heavy duty 

CabinZero bags use heavy duty YKK zippers with lock loops for additional security. With lavish compartments and load-lifting straps, the backpack adjusts on your shoulders consistently and allocating the backpack weight. The padded inner sleeve keeps your laptop protected. The side compression straps make certain that the contents stay in a specific area while they were placed. cabinzero review

5. Water-resistant 

These backpacks have a polyester internal lining in addition to the external lining of polyester and nylon. Thus, it protects your valuables to remain dry and in safe hands during poor climatic circumstances and rainy season. I have used it on our Masasa Beach and some water splat to the bag while we’re on the boat but the insides were still dry! Thank goodness ’cause my gadgets were in there!


CabinZero Review -

6. Lavish compartments

This backpack opens up like a suitcase making it easily accessible. With huge 44L capacity, it contains one large compartment with various internal and external zipper pockets to carry all your required stuff. The extremely spacious backpack will keep you spellbound with its features.

7. Optimum superiority

CabinZero works ethically and understands their responsibility towards customers, workers, staff and the nation as a whole. They have a quality measuring regulatory system in Europe where all the backpacks are checked and tested for their quality. As these bags offer 25 years warranty and can be used for a long time, they help in reducing the ecological collision. cabinzero review

8. CabinZero because of their stylish signature designs

CabinZero Review -
With Lee and Chris at El Masfino Hotel and Resort

Currently, I have the Vintage 44L – Ultra Light Cabin Bag – Mysore Red design, which is inspired by the sights and sounds of the famous Devaraja Market, in Mysore, India. I totally loved its color and I’m a lover of that particular color.  I have used it many times during our travels and I could not say lesser about this bag. CabinZero is the travel buddy you could have and never lose (because of it’s tracking feature!!). You can choose from over 40 designs to fit your exact style. cabinzero review

Check out their designs at
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CabinZero bag specifications include:

Models: The Vintage or Classic 44L, the Military 44L, Urban 42L, and the Classic 28L.
Volume: 44L, 42L, 28L
Weight: 760 grams for Vintage or Classic backpack and 950 grams for Military backpack
Dimensions: Fits 55*40*20 cm
Composition: Waterproof polyester in a Vintage backpack and Military Specs Nylon in a Military backpack.
Military Backpack Colors:  Military Green, Desert Sand, and Military Black
Vintage Backpack Colors: Grey, Black, Mysore Red, Navy Blue, and Royal Blue, etc.


Ultimately, Why Choose CabinZero? Let us put it simply as Cabin Sized = Zero Hassles. BUY ONE NOW!


Now with your CabinZero backpack, you can unleash the light packer on you!

CabinZero Review -


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