The first time you touched me, I knew I was born to be yours


“The first time you touched me, I knew I was born to be yours.”
I still remember that day when I asked Kris “Kris, sino pa pupunta?” She showed her phone to me and there I saw your profile picture. It was you. I said “Sige, hintayin natin and sunduin sa labas.”
That was the first time we met. I already noticed you but I was so busy dealing with other friends plus we didn’t have much time to interact as you were late and we were about to leave for another place to stay, Music21.
As I was the one who keeps taking photos that time of the meetup, I messaged you to check your photos in the album and added you as a friend. Yes, that was the closest I can get that moment, a Facebook friend request. But we kept in touch that moment on.
Our second group meetup happened at the same place. Well, it was actually in the event of the Nepal disaster, but you were late again on that event. And we were about to leave for another place to stay – Baga Manila.
When we met in that place, I immediately handed you over the banner and took a photo of you. We chatted for a little while and again went around to see everyone else. We were just casual with one another.
A group photo opportunity came. I was sitting in the center. So you stood up, went to my back, put your both hands on my shoulders and there was the “SPARK” that people are talking about. A tick of electricity. It was weird but a good feeling. A very good one.

Siete Pecados - Coron -
From then on, I chatted you even more. We talked about the photos, the present, the past, and what we do in life. You told me things you’ve never told anyone and so I was with you. Maybe it’s true, the photo with you was an opportunity for us for our feelings to develop. I still remember that spark that I felt when you touched me.
One day, I had the courage to ask you to go with me as I was looking for a repair center for my broken tablet. You were just 5 mins away from that place, SM Manila. But it took more than 20mins for you. It was okay anyway.
Unfortunately, the repair center I researched about was no longer in SM Cyberzone. So we went for a walk instead and ordered a sundae at Dairy Queen. We talked for more than 40 mins, I guess. I told myself “Okay, I’m falling in love.”
The next thing I know is that we’re chatting every day, day and night.
Until an opportunity came up. It was to climb Mt. Daraitan. Without a second thought, I asked you to come with me. Well, luckily you said yes to that invitation. I thank the heavens you said you’d go with me to the event.
My friends and close friends in that community didn’t know about you and us until that day came. They had no single clue. They were surprised. But I know they understand.
I wrote about that on the blog. Our day trip to Mt. Daraitan was the start of something new. If you want to know that part, here’s the story. (
Until this day, I still remember the moment you touched my shoulders. Back then, I don’t know what we’re gonna be, but what I know is, I want to be yours.
The first time you touched me, I knew I was born to be yours

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