Kids definitely learn a lot of things outside the four walls of the school. Even at home, parents can support their kids’ learning abilities by exposing them to a number of activities. Thanks to technology, you can now teach kids using an iPad or tablet.
Educational apps like ABC Mouse provides an adaptive learning path for kids to learn how to read, recognize letters and numbers, count, and more. The ABC Mouse learning app covers common subjects like reading, mathematics, science, art, music, and others.
If you are looking for a good educational app to help your kids be more productive, download the ABC Mouse app to a tablet or iPad. Aside from actual lessons, the app also offers interactive activities for kids of all ages.
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What Is ABC Mouse App?

The ABC Mouse learning app is designed for pre-kindergarten students.
The app is highly focused on educational activities supporting a child’s skills, knowledge, and overall growth. In addition, it has a collection of lessons to build basic skills in reading and solving problems.
ABC Mouse has over 10,000 standard-based learning activities and more than 1,500 books, puzzles, games, videos, art, and other activities. There are a total of 850 lessons and counting, to help kids improve their learning abilities.
The ABC Mouse app is free for download but users need to be a member to access more content and activities.
The app is available in Google Play Store and Apple Store. The subscription costs $9.95 a month or $79.99 a year and can be paid monthly, yearly, or in installments using a credit card.

Features Of The App

The ABC mouse learning app covers all academic subjects for toddlers up to second grade. The lessons are used by a lot of schools and teachers all over the world. Some of the app features include the following.

  • Full standards-based academic lessons with videos
  • 10 Levels to match kids’ learning abilities
  • Books, puzzles, songs, games, and animations for interactive learning
  • Printable activities to help kids improve reading and writing skills
  • Track progress through the app
  • Awards to motivate kids
  • Basic language lessons like Spanish
  • Kid-friendly content and animations

Why Parents Love ABC Mouse Learning App

Not only teachers and kids love this educational app but also parents because of child-friendly content and amazing features. Parents can also send full online curriculum as gifts to other parents, so learning is nonstop even during school breaks.
The easy progress-tracking feature gives parents a glimpse of their child’s abilities. The progress is recorded per lesson or subject so it is easier to monitor kids’ activities. Moreover, because the app is kid-friendly, parents don’t need to worry about explicit content.
The best part of the app is the ease of teaching on the part of parents because visuals and tests are provided. Parents can easily print out activities to test their child’s knowledge retaining skills.
Moreover, rewards are provided to motivate kids more in accomplishing activities.

How Kids Learn From The App

Because of the app features, kids can easily understand concepts, ideas, and other information presented to them. The lessons are ideal for pre-kindergarten kids who need to learn about letters, numbers, animals, and many other things.
In every lesson, a child is presented with interactive animation to boost information retention. After each lesson, a test or game is provided to test the understanding of kids. These games are related to the lessons, so kids also learn while playing.
More than lessons and games, the app also allows kids to create their own avatar and to customize My Room, My Hamster, and Pet Park. These things make the app less boring for children because they can also play while using the app.
Finally, kids can learn from the app with the help of songs and videos. While on YouTube, kids can be entertained by animation videos and songs, ABC Mouse learning app also has similar content to make lessons more fun and entertaining at the same time.
ABC Mouse Learning App


Learning can also be fun at home with the help of educational apps like ABC Mouse. Download this app to help your kids be more productive and enjoy learning at home.
You simply need a tablet or iPad and an internet connection to teach kids how to read, write, count, and more.