All people like comfort and convenience. Still, anyone understands that additional features cost money. And it is not always possible or desirable to pay as much as requested to find yourself in the premium class cabin.
How to Upgrade To the Business Class -
Singapore Airlines is the company offering magnificent conditions for premium class clients. Top-notch servicing, large seats, a top-level privacy and miscellaneous attractive features are present on business class flights to Singapore and other cities. Unfortunately, the fare of such pleasure may be in a way. Yet, there is another option to experience these benefits and spare your budget – get an upgrade.
Almost each air carrier provides a specialized procedure hot to move from the lower class into the upper one. As a rule, the procedure comprises a mile exchange option and the upgrade for the money. Let’s discover how it looks like on the flights of SA.

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How to Upgrade To the Business Class -
Singapore Airlines offers own frequent flyer program under the name of KrisFlyer. Being a participant means to have a chance to improve flying conditions by moving to the upper class. Besides, the program covers other air carriers including United Airlines Flight carrier, Air New Zealand carrier, ANA, Turkish Airlines carrier, Thai Airways and others
Working principle is the same as on most similar miles accumulating programs. If you want to turn your coach seat into the business one, a certain number (depends on the destination) of KrisFlyer miles will be withdrawn from your account. For example, if you fly from a European country to Australia, 65 thousand is stipulated for the Saver award and 90 thousand – for Advantage. This point requires an additional explanation.

Saver and Advantage

These are the names of SA upgrade awards. Each of them provides special terms and opportunities. Saver is characterized by the lowest miles demand, as well as the lowest availability. The advantage is more expensive hence more widespread. The difference between them is clearly observed through an example.
Upgrade to the upper class on the flight from Sydney to Singapore requires the following number of miles: Saver – 55,000 and Advantage – 85,000. Certainly, the price of Saver’s upgrade is more attractive but there is a flaw. That option is like a game, in which you can easily lose. Choosing Saver means to join the waitlist and have a chance to overshoot. At the same time, those who prefer pushing luck can try such roulette. So, how does the upgrade procedure look like?

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How to Upgrade To the Business Class -

What to do?

Development of digital technologies gave birth versatile opportunities to perform certain tasks and operations via portable devices. Thus, to promote your seat class on SA routes, you can visit the KrisFlyer website in advance (24 hours before take-off) and finalize your operation
You need to find the Manage Booking tab and enter your data in corresponding fields (booking reference and Last/family name). After that, your target is the Redeem an Upgrade button. It might be greyed out meaning the unavailability to perform the operation. The reason is simple – your ticket is a cheap economy fare without the upgrade option. The option is available for tickets with indexes E, B, and Y. If the button is active, choose the award option and enjoy your flight.

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Upgrade for money

Upgrade for money is also provided by SA. It is called mySQupgrade and is another gambling option. Passengers of the eligible-to-upgrade flight make bids within a week before departure. Bidding results are provided 48 hours before the takeoff. So, you can play and win a business class trip for cheap.


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