It is important to be smart and strategic when it comes to your flight searches. Plane tickets, especially for long-haul flights, cost a lot. If the travel time is more than five hours, expect to pay hundreds of dollars to reach your destination.

More than the length of flight time, other factors that affect the plane ticket prices are dates, airline, and fare class. Given the expense involved in booking flights, some people look for ways to get cheap tickets on budget airlines. Some even book flights six months early, to save a little bit of money. If you really want to score amazing flight deals, you must explore the internet.

You can optimize your flight search using travel sites. These sites allow you to find the best deals for each flight and get the best prices. Because there are a lot of search engines out there now, we’ve compiled the best flight search sites you can use.

Optimize Flight Search

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Why Book Online

Gone are the days when you needed to visit an airline’s ticketing office just to book your flight. These days, you can do this at home or basically anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection. The reason to book online is to save time and money, plus, you can browse through a number of airlines you prefer.

Sometimes, you can save more if you book directly with the airline. Nonetheless, you can simply use travel search engines to find the cheapest flights to your destination.

Travel Sites To Book Your Flights

There are times that perks and deals are only available on a specific travel website. Hence, doing your flight search is worth a try from the following websites.



If you are not using this website, you may be missing out on the best flight, hotel, and car rental deals. The website has several price tracking features and tools, like filter options to find your preferred flights. For instance, if you only want to book direct flights, you can tick the option and the results will only show direct flights.

To get price alerts, you need to sign up and allow price alerts to notify you whenever there are cheap flights.


Another travel website where you can search for flights is Skyscanner. This is a metasearch site that provides the best option, and often the cheapest, for travelers. Just like Momondo, this website has filter tools to choose preferred airlines, prices, and the number of stops.

Skyscanner casts wide results from different airlines, so users can choose from a number of flights with cheaper fares. The website usually places the cheapest flights on top, so you can easily tell which is within your budget.



For people with no specific date in mind but needs to have a thorough flight search during spring, summer or winter season, then Travelzoo is the place to be. Users can search broad timelines for deals in the desired destination.

The best thing about this website is the flexibility it provides travelers, as well as the cheap business-class and multi-city flights. To enjoy the website, you need to register and make an account.


One of the most underrated travel websites to use is Orbitz. Aside from finding cheap flights, users can also earn reward points for every flight, hotel, and activity booked on the website. If you have preferred airline or departure time, you can select various filters and get the best results.

The only downside of Orbitz is, it collects a booking fee of $5 to $9 per transaction. Before finalizing your purchase, you can check the trip summary for the booking fee charged by Orbitz.

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Bottom Line

Technology makes it easier to book tickets, hotels, and activities, with online platforms designed to find the cheapest options available. Check out the mentioned travel sites to get the best deals for your preferred travel date, airline, and departure time. Take advantage of the price alerts tools to get notified of flight sales from different airlines.