Taichung, officially referred to as Taichung city is a special municipality located in central Taiwan. The city was named under Japanese rule and has come to be a cultural icon and a major economic hub. The city has got a lot of aesthetic cultural attractions including the National Museum of Natural Science, National Taichung theater among other tourist attraction destinations.

There are almost infinite interesting activities to do on this island. You can explore its mountainous interior, including nature areas like the Sun Moon Lake which is popular for boating and hike or you could embrace and admire the culture by visiting the museums and temples, some of which date back to the Japanese colonial period (1895-1945). If you are a culture and history lover, this place will impress you. These are the best places to visit in Taichung City:

1-National Museum of Natural Science

This is the most interesting place to visit in Taichung. With over 30 permanent exhibit areas covering subjects such as astronomy, space science, paleontology, ecology, gems, and minerals. For you are a science lover then this place will amuse you.

2- National Taichung Theater

If you love dining and shopping then this place, which was designed by was designed by Japanese architect Toyo Ito in collaboration with Cecil Balmond is a place to be. The natural flow of architectural space presents a taste of design. The first flow has a café that offers light meals and also local culture and creativity spots. It also offers curates visual art exhibitions at the Tulu gallery on the fifth floor. There is more than just this worth exploring in this crème de la crème building.


3-Feng Chia Night Market

If you are one for the nightlife and late parties, then this is the place you have been looking for all along. This place is a popular tourist attraction attracting over a hundred million visitors while generating almost billions of TWD annually. From here you can buy cheap clothes, cell phone accessories and mouthwatering local delicacies.

4-Wufeng Lin Family Mansion

If you are thrilled by Chinese culture, then this is a place worth visiting in your next stop at Taiwan. It is a luxurious place surrounded by rich Chinese architecture which was one the residences of the richest people in Taiwan. It also is a place for those wanting to understand more about money and power.

5 -Lavender Cottage

This is a place to visit if you want peace of mind since even a phone signal is hard to find in this area. It is believed that the area came into existence after two young women who were tired of working over the years decided to adopt new lives as farmers. The Lavender cottage was born after they grew Lavender on the farm they bought. The food here is awesome and you can always go shopping for lavender products.

6- Xinfeng Farm

If you are the one to love nature and what it holds then you should visit Xinfeng farm which gives you an opportunity to take a bite of mother nature’s apple. Here you will be able to enjoy genuine fruit picking accompanied by other adventurous activities. The main fruits that people pick from around here are grapes. You can also get access to cost-friendly accommodation offered on the farm.

7- Taichung Rainbow Village

If you love art and culture, Rainbow village beats the rest in Taichung in Taiwan. It was created by former soldier Huang Yung-Fu. You can admire the art in this area including vibrant murals of animals, dolls, and Chinese mythological creatures, all of which are the work of art by a veteran soldier.

8-Taichung Second Public Market

This is a place with a charming appearance dating back to as early as 1917 when it used to be a destination visited by wealthy Japanese looking for up-market goods. The aesthetic beauty of this place cannot be matched by any supermarket. Here you can’t miss local food to purchase or other supplies such as cereals.

9-Ding Wang Restaurant

This is the place to end a tiresome trip with a classic culinary experience. You can enjoy set for two, four or six at Ding Wang Restaurant which is a very popular restaurant. You can choose to have Ding Wang’s signature broth, which is flavored with duck blood. You can also select from a diversified meat collection including plum pork, white meat, and sirloin beef.

10-Xinshe Castle

Visit this European-style castle also referred to as Xinshe mansion, with picturesque grounds with a koi-filled pond and a beautiful waterfall. If you are out for a pre-wedding, then this aesthetic jewel is the place to be for it is a very perfect place for a photo shoot. Apart from the state-of-the-art restaurants and souvenir shops, the mansion also has a winery for each persuasion.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a place to spend your honeymoon, family vacation or personal vacation, the Taichung is worth visiting for it offers a diverse network of places and activities to select from.