One of the best things that a couple could do when they go together outside their homeland is to find the best place to get a good night’s rest after a long tiring day of exploration. Of course, going to great places and eating the best tasting food out there is still the top priority but as a couple, having a welcoming room and comfortable bed tops everything.
Cambodia is part of our bucket list for being one of the historical sites in the world for its hundred-year-old temples and ruins that have been tested by time. Not only the culture is rich in Cambodia, but also the customs and its current modern society. We also have personally witnessed the hospitality trait that Cambodians are known for and we’re totally grateful for the welcoming experience.

Memoire Siem Reap Hotel

When we booked our tickets to Cambodia, the first thing that comes to mind when looking for accommodation is the location and comfortability. Immediately, we found Memoire Siem Reap Hotel to be one of the options also because they have a few properties in the location, so booking will be relatively easier.
Located in the city center of Siem Reap, Memoire Siem Reap Hotel is one of the hotels that in a prime location, close to shops and attractions, and a few minutes drive away from scenic spots, some you can even walk by.

Experience at Memoire Siem Reap Hotel

memoire-siem-reap-hotel-stay-relax-repeat memoire-siem-reap-hotel-stay-relax-repeat memoire-siem-reap-hotel-stay-relax-repeat
Our flight was a bit late so we asked our contact for airport pick-up to the hotel which they were willing to do so. Arriving at around 9 PM in Siem Reap International Airport, it would be a bit hard for us to catch public transportation. Altogether, we got out from the airport at around 10 PM as we still need to clear immigration. At the arrival hall, we saw a sign with our name in it so I waved hello to our driver and he waved at us as he recognizes us. He took out bags and brought them to the car.
Our driver was not a talker and I think he doesn’t speak English so well because when we ask questions, he just looks at us, but nevertheless, the ride was smooth and safe. A mere 20 mins from the airport, we arrived at our destination.
Memoire Siem Reap Hotel doesn’t look anything extraordinary from the outside, but when you go inside, that’s when the magic happens.
We were greeted by the concierge and was immediately assisted by Phan, a Memoire Ambassadress. We headed to the front desk, check for our reservation, and provided our passports for identification. Everyone was smiling and welcoming. We felt like superstars even when we are just normal people from the Philippines.

Photo with Phan

Phan started a conversation with us and this made us feel more comfortable about the people of Cambodia. I didn’t really know that the people in the Kingdom of Cambodia are this kind and so welcoming, if not all, then the people at Memoire Siem Reap Hotel are remarkable. Few minutes after, we were escorted to our room and Phan helped us with our belongings. Phan became an instant friend as she walked with us.


Our Room: Deluxe Room

After the reception handed over our keys, we were escorted by Phan to our room. She explained things about some of the operations in the controls and everything and went for a little talk as well. Apparently, she had visited the Philippines but only managed to visit Manila. A few minutes after room introduction, we took a photo with Phan and then she headed back to the front office.
The room we had, Deluxe Room, was simple yet elegant in style. They claim it as a modern contemporary Khmer design, decorated with arts and paintings. It boasts a 33 sqm space with King-sized bed, a sofa set, bedside room controls, a huge LED TV, a vanity mirror/table, hot and cold shower, a bathtub, and more that you’d like to see. You can view more of the room amenities in this link.
Our room was a delight. We even had bathrobes to suit on after taking a quick shower before bedtime. There was also a mini-bar refrigerator where a fruit bowl was also placed. Quite starving from the long travel time, we ate it for a quick snack.

View from the room in the morning

Breakfast at Tamarind Restaurant

“Tamarind is known as the heirloom ingredient in Cambodian way. It is normally used in many different ways to complement the flavor of daily foods. The Khmer-inspired design, Tamarind Restaurant, dedicates the deep understanding of Khmer gastronomy to blend the traditional with contemporary dishes.”

Truly enough, Memoire Siem Reap Hotels find its way into the Khmer way of life. Tamarind Restaurant gave us a small glimpse of what breakfast for Khmers is about.
My fiancee, Jane, was never a morning person. She always wanna stay up late and wake up a bit late so we usually start our day at around 9 am when we are staying at a hotel, and later when we are at home unless we have things to do like a tour activity in the morning.
Being a part of the Asian culture, we always have rice in our meals and Jane couldn’t handle a day without it. There are quite a number of selections in the breakfast menu, hoping we could taste everything, but we just couldn’t. Tamarind Restaurant serves a breakfast buffet with many dishes to select from. Up to whether you would go back for another meal or experiment with what they have in the selections. You could also ask for a freshly cooked egg meal depending on how you like it.
Breakfast, being the most important meal of the day, we made sure to eat the healthiest we could get with all the proteins and energies we could receive from each serving.

Also, the restaurant is fronting the hotel’s pool so you’d have a great view while having your morning treat. The staff were also attentive and looks after everyone else. They are also very easy to talk with and in a short time, you could get along well. We had a pleasant time with our breakfast at Tamarind Restaurant.

Breakfast at the Artist Lounge

Artist Lounge in Memoire Siem Reap Hotel is probably one of the coolest lounges there is. Fronting the reception area, Artist Lounge gives you a luxurious experience while taking your time to rest.
Unlike Tamarind Restaurant where all dishes are already cooked and prepared, Artist Lounge gives you a menu for a different breakfast experience while having that buffet kind of feel. This is where we had our breakfast on our second day in Memoire Siem Reap Hotel.
While we were waiting for our food ordered from the menu, we took some photos of the place and food served at the table. The quick food selections like fruits, salad, and pastries are already displayed at it waiting for us to taste them. And while I was selecting for some food, we happen to have bumped into Sakkda Sim, the Head of Memoire Ambassadors and it was a delight to have spoken to him. He is well articulated in speaking English so it was like we have found someone to talk with for a time. He gave us tips on where to go best during our time in Siem Reap and afterward, lets us continue our food. It was really great to meet him.

After a while, our food was served on our table. We can also choose to order drinks or wine, and that entirely depends on us. The soup that comes with our ordered meal is delicious tasting like a beef brisket (or was it?). Nevertheless, we had a great experience at the Artist Lounge as we have the option to order a complete meal without having to stand up to get another one.
Together with the ambiance at Artist Lounge, every meal was a treat.


An Inviting Pool Area and Amenities

During the day, the pool area seemed nice but wait until the sun disappears into the light, the swimming pool becomes an enchanting place. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to take photos of the pool by the night as we prioritized looking for a place to eat at the Siem Reap Night Market and there’s also a bathtub in our room so we didn’t feel the need to dip at the pool that day.
There’s a small bar where you can order drinks like juices and wines. In front of it was the fitness area, rather small but generally complete with your fitness needs, and on the other side of it was the Memoria Spa.

Treat yourself to the Memoria Spa after a long day or dip in the swimming pool to keep yourself refreshed from the scorching heat of Cambodia.

Hospitable People and Treatment

In all fairness, I could generally say that the people in Memoire Siem Reap Hotel are very courteous, friendly, and hospitable. They were all smiles and it was really a delight seeing them. Really one of the most hospitable hotels we have been to.
It’s like they were all trained to please the guests, in a good way, and that was really awesome. With Phan like being an instant friend the moment we arrived, to the waiters and servers at the Tamarind Restaurant and Artist Lounge, the people at the front desk or reception being so attentive, and Sakkda who gave us tips while in Siem Reap.
People in Memoire Siem Reap Hotel are one of the best people we’ve come across.
If there are a few things we would think and brag about the hotel, its probably not just the rooms and the services but more about the kindness and hospitability of people in this establishment. It’s just overwhelming and that gives a great feeling that you are safe and secured.


You can check their website for deals and flash sales especially when you book direct.


Address: No. 545, National Road No.6 Siem Reap Kingdom of Cambodia
 +855 63 963 568 / +855 63 760 168
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Things to Do in Siem Reap, Cambodia

There are plenty of tours and tour providers in Siem Reap but we suggest that you settle all your tour bookings online via KKday or Klook. Here are recommended things to do in Siem Reap.
1. Smile of Angkor, Khmer Empire Performance
2. Siem Reap Day Tour: Angkor Wat, Bayon, Angkor Thom
3. Siem Reap Private Water Blessing Ceremony
4. Private Day Tour From Siem Reap: Phnom Kulen Waterfall, Reclining Buddha and 1000 Lingas River
5. Angkor Temples Tour 
6. Angkor Temples Sunrise Tour
7. Banteay Srei Backcountry Tour
8. Angkor Temples Small Circuit Private Tour by Tuk-Tuk
9. Angkor Temples Grand Circuit Private Tour by Tuk-Tuk
10. 2 Day Angkor Exploration Private Tour by Tuk-Tuk

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